01/27/2020 – Hanging With Another PUA

On Monday, 01/27/20, I hung out with Max, an aspiring PUA who is having trouble approaching but has excellent verbal game and a play to win mindset. Honestly, if he’d just get over his AA, he’d slay it in game. I told him he’d do better than me, honestly. In any other case, he shadowed me with one approach and gave me great advice that I need to implement next time I go out.

Overall, I did six approaches with one worth recording. I’ll be writing my report on two approaches: My first with a shy, soft HB 6 and the next with a hard HB 6… but with input from Max.

Approach #1: When I first entered Mayfair Mall I met a cute white girl sporting glasses. She was reserved, but pleasant to be around. The set lasted a little over three minutes.

Strengths: Was able to approach. Friendly chat and banter on my end.

Weaknesses: Didn’t make interaction Man-to-Woman. Didn’t play to win.

Approach #2: At the end of the night, Max and I ran into a hard HB 6 redhead. She was slightly confrontational, but polite. I made a few mistakes that Max caught on. I’ll list them on the weaknesses.

Strengths: Did approach and didn’t mind Max watching. Had friendly banter, did very subtle Man-to-Woman premise lines during convo.

Weaknesses: This is a big one. During the conversation, my target mentioned she was looking for Hot Topic. Max stated that was a massive opportunity I lost. I should have lead her over to the Hot Topic nearby and used that comment to my advantage. Not only that, but I did a not-so-subtle Man-to-Woman compliment at the end of the conversation. Freaked my target out and she ejected out of set.

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