01/29/20 – Handling Pressure

God damn, I went to Marquette University today and there was this one girl, very cute, who was into me. I could have played to win, but there was this one asshole nearby. When I know people are watching my game, I get nervous and consequently, spit bad needy game out of fear of being discovered.

In any other case, I did seven approaches today and managed to get two numbers. However, we’ll see if they’re flakes or not. I’ll go over the two numbers since my recorder didn’t catch the conversation for some odd reason.

Approach #1: Met this cute girl sitting by herself in the Computer Science building. She was 19, a hard HB 6, and chilling on a couch. I decided to do a few push-pull lines, accompanied with premise lines. We had a great interaction, but I felt I didn’t build enough comfort during the set. When I asked for her number, she felt a little weirded out, but gave me it.

I’ll see where it leads to, but it may be a flake – we’ll see.

Approach #2: While I was about to exit the Computer Science building, I ran into this cute Greek girl. She was fully Greek and a soft HB 7. Very adorable in person, but after checking out her IG, I discovered she isn’t very photogenic lol. In any other case, we had an amazing conversation. I could very well have escalating, BUT…


There was this dude sitting behind me. If it wasn’t for the social pressure I could have made my move. Dammit, that’s what got me tonight. An opportunity blown! Why? Because I couldn’t handle the pressure.

In other news…

I speak with JP for the first time tomorrow. My training begins.

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