JP Call #1 Notes

  1. Don’t bring up time or say “I’ve been talking to you for 10 to 15 minutes”.
  2. Go have casual look – not business casual.
  3. Be very casual about insta-dates: “I’m actually going to Starbucks. You should come with for a bit.” Then point at the direction.
  4. When a girl asks what I’m doing at a college campus, just say: “I’m waiting for a friend.” Don’t mention the whole degree thing.
  5. Slow down waaaay more when talking.
  6. When it comes to sending JP vids, send him a good vid and a vid that I know I fucked up on… but don’t know why

Mission #1: Stay in set for longer than 3 minutes. At least once or twice a day. Make it calibrated and smooth.

Mission #2: Focus on turning questions into statements. Focus alot on cold reads.

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