01/31/20 – A Day Of Ugly Girls and Amazingly Hot Girls

On Friday, 01/31/20, I sarged into UWM after nearly two weeks of leaving it unscathed. I discovered I’m able to hit up the library at UWM as well without a card – which is an absolute goldmine of hotties much to my satisfaction. From now on, I’ll switch between UWM’s cafeteria and UWM’s library.

For my approaches, I focused on the two missions JP assigned me: a.) Stay in set longer than 3 minutes. b.) Ask less questions and focus more on cold reads. I did both with resounding success.

I did six approaches, but only three were worth recording.

Approach #1: I ran into an artistic girl while venturing into the UWM cafeteria. She was a hard HB 6, friendly, but slightly shy. The conversation was… different, to say the least. While I did my routines and lines, she reacted between a mixture of confusion and embarrassment. I’ll have to ask JP regarding this set.

Strengths: Asked very few questions. Kept set longer than 3 minutes. Somewhat engaging.

Weaknesses: Didn’t know what to do when the girl reacted strangely to my approach.

NOTE: If I make too many statements without many questions, I believe the girl doesn’t get invested and asks me questions. Will confirm with JP though.


Approach #2: A few hours later, after discovering I’m able to enter UWM’s library, I ran into two hippos – 4s, to say the least – and their semi-cute friend who I’d peg as a soft HB 6. I mean, I’d bang her, but that’s basically it.

Strengths: Due to my carefree attitude in set, I was able to smoothly talk to the girls without any worry they’d reject me. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard. Of course, my set was longer than 3 minutes and I did lots of cold reads.

Weaknesses: Can’t think of any.


Approach #3: In polar contrast to my last set, my final approach was between two very, very cute girls. A blonde and a brunette. My target, however, was the blonde (who had an unusually deep voice). Of course, she was a party animal accompanied by her friends. Due to my fear of losing the girl, I spit bad needy game.

Strengths: Was mostly composed when talking to the two HB 9s much to my surprise. While I didn’t say much premise lines as I’d like to, at least I didn’t freak out or panic. Got both girls Instagram. Also, I don’t believe I asked many questions.

Weaknesses: Remember what Roosh said? If you have a carefree attitude, you’ll run solid game that turns a girl on. While I didn’t feel like an absolute beginner, I did make a few mistakes that I knew to avoid.


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