02/01/20 – Implementing Pressure

On Saturday, 02/01/20, I sarged through Mayfair Mall and did six approaches. However, only one was worth recording. I focused on opening directly and, of course, the two missions assigned to me by JP. In regards to my mission, I managed to stay in set for longer than three minutes a few times, and I believe I did alot of cold reads on my other sets.

In any other case, let’s get to the approach I recorded.

Approach #1: At Nordstrom I ran into this 20 something HR representative who was shopping around. She was a hard HB 6, a bit standoffish, but tolerable. I ran a few premise lines and eventually, as the set closed, made it Man-to-Woman. After that, she ejected out of set.

Strengths: I handled pressure by making the set Man-to-Woman, even though it was at the end.

Weaknesses: While I did make the set Man-to-Woman, I did ask a bit too much questions despite my second mission by JP.


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