02/02/20 – Going Direct

On Sunday, 02/02/20, I ventured out to Mayfair Mall with my fellow PUA wing. We had a nice chat regarding our jobs, game experience, notch count, etc. Turns out, the guy has 27 notches! However, it’s all from online game. Well, most of them. In any other case, I tried going full-on direct today. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t a big leap to go from indirect to direct.

I did six sets today, but only two were worth recording.

Approach #1: I don’t recall what my first set looked like, but I went in directly as an experiment. I had no approach anxiety, but the girl was receptive for a short while at least.

Strengths: Girl was friendly. Actually did a direct approach.

Weaknesses: Set didn’t last three minutes. Did not accomplish mission as assigned by JP.


Approach #2: While on the hunt on the second floor of Mayfair Mall, I met a Middle Eastern girl. Very cute, but shy and reserved. I did a direct opener, but felt I was given enough chance to continue on the interaction. I feel like I’m copying JP too much from his infield sets and should probably come up with my own follow up after the opener.

Strengths: Did direct approach. No issues. Girl was receptive and actually stopped.

Weaknesses: Tried copying JP after the opener. I think it could work given the right circumstances, but should probably come up with my own stuff.


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