02/03/20 – Final Day of Week One

On Monday, 02/03/20, I hit Marquette University and focused completely on the two missions JP gave me. Overall, I’d say I was successful on my missions. I did six approaches, but only two were worth recording.

Approach #1: I met a hardline Bernie girl at a cafe within Marquette University. She was blonde, cute, and overall – with makeup on judging by her IG – I’d give her a hard HB 6. She was friendly and despite the fact I’m a Conservative Trump supporter, was receptive to my approach.

Strengths: Completed my mission objectives

Weaknesses: There were two girls looking at both of us while I approached. I could have made strong premise statements if I could have handled the social pressure.


Approach #2: While chilling on a couch, I met this soft HB 7 18 year old girl. I admit, our conversation was mostly platonic, but I completed my mission successfully. I won’t add a strengths or weaknesses section since I’m aware that set was mostly platonic.


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