Celebrity Interview #2: Brad Pitt

After the very chill, very relaxed Jim Morrison interview, I’m going to analyze how Brad Pitt compares to the 1960s The Doors vocalist.

After watching the clip, Brad Pitt is relaxed just like Jim Morrison, but is slightly more animate. He isn’t excited to speak to these TNT anchors. He exudes calmness, doesn’t react or move much, and doesn’t seem to mind this interview in general. In short, he’s outcome independent.

He doesn’t speak fast. Doesn’t seem in a rush (like I am in set). He’s flirty in a smooth way. In one scene, he stands next to the black girl after she states, “You know, they say you’re with the person you’re standing next to.” He responds by standing closer to her casually before laughing it off.

After that, the gay broadcaster says the same thing. Brad Pitt responds by standing next to him too without any worries.

He’s pretty much the alpha archetype I strive to be.

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