JP Call #2 Notes

  1. Should I show more premise in the set at the beginning like in your infields where you’re mostly direct? Answer: JP goes 80% direct, but he’s aware game is weird. When JP first started, he was super direct but got paltry gains. It was a long answer, but overall, don’t go direct like JP. Go for indirect, situational, observational, etc.
  2. When a girl blows you off after going direct, what should my next response be? For example, you tell a girl she has the most adorable fucking look, she says thanks and tries to leave. Answer: Answered at #1. Don’t go direct.
  3. What are your thoughts on day gaming in a town 1 1/2 hours away? Answer: Big fucking YES. Implement that into your game immediately.
  4. A buddy of mine swears up and down to fill my Insta and use it as a social resume of sorts. What are your thoughts on that for someone who mostly day games? Answer: Yes… but it’s not too important. Always go for a number close instead.
  5. When a girl is receptive to you, should I keep tossing premise lines, go to evaluation, or close? Answer: Just move it forward aka go to Open, Premise, Evaluation, Narrative, and Close. However, go for EVALUATION if a girl is receptive.

Mission #1: Break down celebrity interviews.

Mission #2: Be alot more playful with stronger premise. If I’m in set, I must say a premise line within the first minute. If I don’t, I leave the fucking set.

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