02/05/20 – Establishing Premise Early

On Wednesday, 02/05/20, I sarged through UWM with JP’s mission directly in mind: Establish premise in less than a minute. I believe I’m starting to succeed in that end and while I know I didn’t establish premise as early as I’d like – I’m getting far, far better. I did six approaches, about three were worth recording.

Approach #1: I met a ’90s looking Danish girl sitting by herself. I made a direct friendly opener and then tried establishing premise as early as humanly possible. I made my first premise line at the 1:02 mark. Fuuuuuck, so close.

Strengths: Did premise line soooooo fucking close to the mark.

Weaknesses: Not under a minute, but did good nevertheless. The girl was mostly receptive.


Approach #2: An hour or so in and after doing numerous other short sets, I ran into this hipster, down-to-earth Dutch girl. She was confident, but had a sexy vibe to her. I’m not sure when I established the premise line, but it was definitely over the minute mark.

Strengths: Had a “don’t give a fuck” attitude toward my set, very open. Said premise line at 0:39.

Weaknesses: I’m not sure… I’d have to show JP this one.


Approach #3: Strangely enough, my final approach wasn’t intended to be an approach at all. I met this Filipina girl playing the piano and was curious about what song she was playing. After giving her answer, I decided to chat with her a bit. Some time later during the conversation, I decided to run game.

Strengths: Ran game on the spot when I decided to. Don’t give a fuck attitude.

Weaknesses: Didn’t say premise line in time. Not enough premise throughout set… but girl seemed receptive.


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