02/07/20 – Sarging At Madison, WI

On Friday, 02/07/20, I decided to visit Madison, WI after hearing about its exploits by Roosh V and upon JP’s recommendation to game in a town an hour away to save my reputation in Milwaukee. I met up with “Milarky”, a blackpilled incel trying to get his affairs in order and go PUA. While he was negative 90% of the time, he was entertaining to be around. Overall, we did six approaches over the span of 6:00 PM – 11:30 PM. However, only two were worth recording.

I have detailed my overall observations of Madison in another field report and will simply write about my approaches here:

Approach #1: A few minutes after I met Milarky, I ran into this Junior college student trying to get a medical degree. She was friendly and my approach was pretty solid. Overall, she was blonde, a hard HB 6, and friendly.

Strengths: Did approach despite being in a totally new environment. Had girl hooked. Did lots of teasing and push-pull. Successfully number closed.

Weaknesses: Did not complete the mission as assigned by JP.


Approach #2: Hours later, Milarky and I decided to head into a Whole Foods nearby. As usual, there was a slight influx of cute girls compared to the surrounding buildings. I ran into a tall brunette, a soft HB 6, and receptive to my approach. Sadly, Milkary fucked up my focus by trying to catch my attention and inadvertently AMOG me during set.

Strengths: Was able to hold target’s attention despite heavy amoging by Milarky. Girl was receptive.

Weaknesses: Talked waaaaay too fast. Girl barely had enough time to speak. Broke my attention due to external sources. Did not complete mission as assigned by JP.


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