02/08/20 – Madison Observations

On Saturday, 02/08/20, I did six approaches in Madison, WI – however, literally none of them were worth recording. Therefore, I’ll take this time to jot down my observations on Madison compared to Milwaukee.

First and foremost, there’s definitely a larger college crowd in Madison and consequently, far easier to execute sets in rapid succession. I can safely say college campus game is far superior compared to Milwaukee’s.

Overall verdict: College campus game (Madison) > College campus game (Milwaukee)

Second, while Madison has the upper hand at college campus game, it fails at mall game. There are two malls in Madison, WI; however, both of them sport two leading demographics: Old people and jailbait. That’s it. There’s no in-between. I rarely, I could count with one hand, the amount of college students I saw in either mall.

Meanwhile, mall game in Milwaukee is bustling with targets I could approach once every few minutes.

Overall verdict: Mall game (Madison) < Mall game (Milwaukee)

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