Celebrity Interview #4: Russell Brand On Getting Girls

My final interview analysis will be on Russell Brand and how he seduces women. This interview is different compared to the rest since it actually focuses on the seduction aspect of it including Russell’s vibe, personality, etc.

Damn! Russell Brand is very blunt and direct. It’s like he eats, breathes and sleeps game. However, his tonality is fucked, but he makes up for it with his personality. He is the polar opposite of every celebrity I’ve watched so far: He’s extremely excitable, very open with his sexuality, and doesn’t give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks about him.

I absolutely love his game. He passes shit tests with flying colors. For example, when the chick celeb he’s with mentions she has a husband, he simply says, “YEAH, BUT LOOK AT THE WAY YOU DROP THE JETS. YOU COULD DROP HIM ANY DAY.” Shit test passed.

In another interview, he straddled some chick interviewing him and managed to kiss her on the cheek. Hell, she ASKED if she could hug him as well. The game on this man is off the charts.

I believe his gift is reading if a woman is into him or not and takes FULL ADVANTAGE if they are into him.

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