JP Call #3: Questions and Notes


  1. When a girl tells me her name and I say, “Really? You kinda look like an x.” What’s your thoughts on that? Answer: It’s good and not that big of a deal.
  2. Is premise or evaluation more important? Answer: Premise, since anyone can evaluate.
  3. I feel like I can game without any issue when no one else is around except me and the girl. However, when people are within the vicinity, I start playing not to lose vs playing to win. How do I get rid of that social pressure? Answer: Get really close and quiet to the girl. When I do game in a social setting, that puts more pressure on the girl to reject me.
  4. Why is it when I don’t try to pick-up girls I’m not into, they validate themselves to me. However, when I try picking up girls I’m into the opposite occurs? How can I be non-invested in girls I’m into? Answer: I play to not lose vs win on hot girls. Look at Note #2.
  5. Most guys tend to do better after doing a few sets. However, I actually do my best early on, but burn out after a few hours. Any recommendations to keep my game at tip-top shape after a few hours? Answer: Go out for one or two hours. Break it up into bits and pieces. Grab a bite to eat and then come right back out and do it. Look at Note #5.


  1. Mission #1: Pass shit tests. If a girl gives me 10 shit tests, try to pass 4-5.
  2. My mindset should be: “Let me see if this girl is cool or not” instead of “Let me see if I can get this girl attracted to me.” The last mindset is terrible to have.
  3. Don’t ever use self-deprecating humor, especially if I mention that I’m 5’6”.
  4. I fucking loved how JP did shit-test exercises with me. It trained me how I should think infield and served as an excellent stepping stone as to what I should be doing.
  5. Go out for an hour or two at most at a time and try to do my six sets within that timeframe. Any longer and I risk burning out.

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