02/12/20 – The Psychology Student

On Wednesday, 02/12/20, I did four approaches at UWM since I slept only four hours the night before. Which reminds me – I really need to cut down playing City of Heroes and spend a bit more focus on learning game as a skillset, but I digress.

Out of all four approaches, only one was worth recording:

Approach #1: At UWM’s library I ran into a psychology major. She was relaxed, somewhat invested in the conversation, but I feel there are a few spikes I could have utilized in the set to make my interaction with her worth her while.

Strengths: Relaxed, cocky-funny frame throughout set. Easy going. Ready for shit tests at a dimes drop mentally

Weaknesses: Didn’t number close. Should have done advanced technique where I leave the set to keep girl wondering.


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