02/14/20 – The Psychology of Fear

Alright, so I did four approaches on Valentine’s Day at Mayfair Mall. However, they didn’t go anywhere particularly special – but that’s not the big issue. I’m going on a date with the nerdy Belgian girl on Saturday, 02/15/20, and I could feel the fear of fucking the date up rise within me.

Consequently, my sets today weren’t up to par. While I know what the correct mindset should be, I didn’t internalize it, and therefore my game was sub-par today.

… But it’s not over. Not yet.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’d be a fool to not go out and take advantage of any single women available at the bar. In the meantime, I need to gather my strength, defeat this negative attitude, and truly – as JP would say – believe I’m cool and meet girls to see if THEY are too.

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