02/23/20 – The Serenity in Stoicism

On Sunday, 02/23/20, I did four sets at Bayshore Mall. If I had to rank mall quality for a pickup artist in Milwaukee, it’d be Mayfair > Bayshore > Southwest. Perfect choice, too. It was a nice 50F today, with a good amount of people milling about.

However, only two sets were worth recording.

Approach #1: I ran into this half-Puerto Rican/half-White girl chilling on a bench. She was friendly at first, but as the conversation went on, I discovered she’s sensitive about topics such as race. I probably should have played it a bit softer, but overall, the conversation went bad.

I’d say it’s a prime example of how a bad set looks like and probably play the race card much softer in the future.


Approach #2: A few hours later, I ran into this half-Black/half-White K-Pop fan at Barnes and Nobles. She was pretty cool and we had a good interaction. It didn’t help she was in a rush to go to work, but I made the most with what I could.

During this set, I realized I was unusually calm, very similar to my experience with the nerdy Belgian girl from Marquette. I believe this stems from internalizing the concept of non-neediness and being an overall cool guy who a girl wants to impress.


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