Date #2: Nerdy Belgian Girl – Baby Steps

On 02/22/2020, Saturday, I met up with the nerdy Belgian girl from Marquette University again. This time, I decided to go to Victor’s at 3PM, where it was only Nicole, myself, and an employee who works there often.

This time, I ran into no issues. My game was tight, the venue was quiet, all without any social pressure to stem the date. It was the perfect date.

Since patrons didn’t inhabit the restaurant, I felt free to game as I saw fit. While I made a few minor mistakes (ie. becoming too platonic at times), it wasn’t enough to stem the tide of sexual pressure during the date.

The biggest technique I used in set was being as playful and fun as humanly possible. Nicole taught me how to foxtrot – a form of smooth, progressive dance similar to the waltz – in the middle of Victor’s big, satisfyingly empty floor.

I’ll admit, I’m not the best dancer. It didn’t seem to matter though. Nicole and I had a great time. Consequently, I believe I seeded an emotional bond between the both of us. She’s beginning to text faster, obey my commands, etc. However, that’s after the date. After spending an hour or so at Victor’s, we went back to my apartment.

I didn’t have to make an excuse to head inside my apartment. It was natural. I took my keys, we went inside, and into my room with no fuss.

A few minutes in, we began making out on my bed. Since this was the second date, she did give LMR, but not nearly as bad as the first date. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fuck her. By combining enough comfort and applying pressure, I was able to have Nicole give me a handjob.

It was fun and exciting for her – which is exactly what I want our experience to feel like.

She enjoyed learning where my sensitive spots where. She kissed, prodded, and licked my neck and chest. It taught me a valuable lesson in game: Make her work for it. Don’t just give her the world or entertain her. Make her give back – not just take.

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