02/26/20 – Cardinal Stritch University

On Wednesday, 02/26/20, I decided to venture off to small colleges within Milwaukee, namely Cardinal Stritch University. It has a student population of 2,200, kinda ghetto, but religious private school. The female-male ratio is skewed in my favor, with a mostly female student body; and as a cherry on top, a solid 15% of them are foreign exchange students. Hell, I ran into a Spanish girl today.

In any other case, I did three sets. However, only one was worth recording.

Approach #1: Met a cute Latina girl. She was a soft HB 7, cute as hell, and a Latina. Her personality is very friendly and positive. I’m not sure if I had a good set or alternatively, just made a friend. In any other case, the Todd V FB guys are going to examine the audio infield recording and give their opinions.

Will this be a solid number? I’m not sure, but I plan to find out tomorrow.


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