Notch #3: Nerdy Belgian Girl – Gettin’ Head

Warning: NSFW details below

On 02/29/2020, Saturday, I met up with the nerdy Belgian girl from Marquette University once again. This time we went to Taylors at 9:30 PM, where I ordered a Dirty Martini and bought Nicole a Pink Vodka Lemonade Cocktail.

In a twist of fate, the Hispanic wingman just so happened to appear as well and sat at our table for a few minutes before leaving. Our conversation was much more flirtatious than before, and we snapped a few pictures of us before venturing out to This Is It.

The big surprise? I didn’t run game. Well, maybe comfort game, but that’s it. No push-pull, no techniques, save acting as the higher value partner in this relationship.

When we went to This Is It, we passionately made out at a booth. Nicole understood it’s socially acceptable to express your true emotions with your partner in a bar or club, including physical acts of intimacy.

At the end of our night out, we decided to hit the dance floor. She wasn’t the greatest at club dancing, and this time, I schooled her! That’s fine, though haha. Finally, at 12:30 AM, we went to my apartment.

At my apartment, we pretty much went to work immediately. I made out with her, pulled off my shirt, jeans and boxers. Nicole her shirt, bra, and jeans. I sat there with her naked, while she in her panties. I knew I had to escalate once again. I mean, damn, this was the third date.

I went for her panties, she was apprehensive about the whole ordeal. I ran heavy comfort game within the span of 10-20 minutes before she finally relaxed and took her panties off. She had a full-on bush but a tiny pussy that was tight as hell. I play with her clit for a few minutes before fingering her. Nicole was soaking wet and damn, I really wanted to get my cock in her.

… But she still said no. Like, what the fuck? Seriously.

Any normal dude and I mean any guy, would have tried going for the kill immediately. As a pickup artist, I knew patience was my ally here. I tried to persuade her a few times, but she just wouldn’t budge. The girl has strong mental issues regarding sex sadly.

However, the night wasn’t a loss.

I ate out Nicole after fingering her, passionately tonguing her pussy for a few minutes before kissing her on the lips. This aroused her enough to learn how to give me a blowjob. It was sexy how naive and new she was to giving head – but she learned quickly and was enthusiastic about it.

All I had to do was nudge her in the direction of my cock, she knew what to do, and blew me for a few minutes. At the end, I jerked off, while Nicole gave me a blowjob intermittently before spraying my load on her chest and arm.

And hey, even though it wasn’t vaginal penetration if getting a blowjob is good enough for the (in)famous PUA Styles to count as a notch – it’s good enough for me too.

After the fun was all said and done, we both took a shower together before heading to bed.

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