03/02/20 – Carroll University

On Monday, 03/02/20, I ventured off to Carroll University due to a suggestion by Swoop The World user dingdongditch. God damn, he was right. It’s a small college with a slightly religious vibe to it and is filled with so-called “horse girls”. What is a horse girl exactly? Dingdongditch describes them as:

“Generally, live at home, wealthy parents, go to class, drive home, order-in, watch netflix, graduate to dog and apartment paid for by parents, 50k as a healthcare admin for some reason, that’s the northside girl in a nutshell.”

Overall, I like the campus. Quite a bit, actually. The female-to-male ratio is heavily skewed in my favor. With 65.3% of the student body being female and 34.7% of it being male. It showed when I visited the campus, too. A vast majority of the students walking around were female – I saw a few guys, but not many.

I did six approaches, but only one was worth recording.

Approach #1: I walked into Carroll University’s library. Within the first few minutes, I saw this isolated, incredibly adorable college girl with the most piercing blue eyes. She had a strong babyface, I’d wager a hard HB 7, with a cute, yet dorky look to her. At first I hesitated since a Middle Eastern girl decided to sit nearby, but I waved it off and did the set anyway.

Disclaimer – Due to the fact the set was located in a library. My set and I whispered everything. So expect lower than average audio quality.


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