03/12/20 – Alpha Game

On Thursday, 03/12/20, I ventured off to Mayfair Mall once again and focused exclusively on sets who weren’t lounging around. Pretty much, girls on the move. I was motivated to head out after Todd V answered my question regarding walking sets. His response?

They’re harder than stationery sets. It’s a fact of life, but do you know why you’re failing at them? You’re mindset. You’re worried about what the girl thinks about you. That’s what’s killing your game.

I wholeheartedly agree.

Strangely enough, I had Yuma flashbacks when I gamed today. I decided to run alpha, red pill game. I should have gone full direct since I had the body language, verbiage, and overall vibe down, but I went friendly direct instead. It’s a good start.

Overall, I did five approaches, but only one was worth recording.

Approach #1: I ran into this adorably geeky cosplay girl outside of a Nordstrom store. She was busy loading stuff up into a bag. I did a direct friendly opener with great body language, but I faltered some time during the set. I’d have to consult JP regarding it.


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