Supermarket Game Openers and Tips

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I’m going to game at Metro Market a few blocks down my apartment. Since I’m new to the venue, I’m going to write down a few potential openers and follow-ups to spark a conversation.

  • “Do you know where [insert item on the aisle I met her in] is?” – After this, thank her for her help then mention something about how Milwaukee is like a ghost town due to the Coronavirus outbreak. From there, I can do OPENC step-by-step.
  • “That is the most adorable outfit I’ve seen all day.” – Use this when “in state” or the girl is wearing something particularly cute. Requirements: Good eye contact, good body language, etc.
  • “Hey, this is a bit random. I’m trying to eat healthier, so I”m drinking fruit and vegetable smoothies every day. You seem like the fruit expert–got any tips?” – Use this on girls with lots of veggies/fruits in their basket or if they’re fit. After opening, try and steer the conversation toward a Man-to-Woman interaction.

    For example, do the opener, then if she asks what I’m into, say something about just being healthy due to the whole Coronavirus scare. After her response, open again regarding her appearance or something with a push-pull premise to it.
  • “You look like the most chill person here right now.” – Standard opener for me, could prove useful in Metro Mart
  • “Excuse me, you have a cute minimal style, I just hope you’re not like every other girl in Milwaukee.”

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