06/11/20 – Back in the Game

On Thursday, 06/11/20, I ventured off to game once again after a three month hiatus. I’m rusty, but not nearly as bad as when I first started gaming in Milwaukee in November, 2019.

Initially, I was going to hunt in the night trenches, but opted out for a more audio-friendly day game session instead. Sadly, I wasn’t able to record anything due to a mishap on my end.

Overall, I managed three approaches, and while I didn’t escalate, they were enough to shake off any approach anxiety I had. All sets were located in a nearby park that had quite a few isolated sets. I imagine it’ll be easy to start making it a new hunting ground once I get back into the groove.

Approach #1: My first set was an older woman, estimated age early-mid 40s, who I initially mistook as younger from afar. She was… okay, at least for a starter set and had a dog I used as an opener on her. I wasn’t able to escalate, but I did have a small conversation with her before heading off.

Approach #2: While at the park, I met this cute HB hard 6 with a dog. My conversation was slightly more in-depth. I asked what type of dog she had, and followed up with a friendly opener on her shirt. I glanced at it and said, “Huh. Pretty cool shirt. Are you a Marquette student?”

We had a short conversation. She was bubbly, friendly, and had a good vibe at a cursory glance. Of course, the set ended rather abruptly afterward. Yes, I do admit, I had some AA and easily could have escalated the conversation into something deeper.

But I didn’t.

Approach #3: My final set was when I was heading back home. I ran into a semi-cute hard HB 5. She was ginger, young, and sported a pink skirt and tank top. Probably slutty. Probably should have escalated. I did an observational opener with a grin, “Omg, excuse me, that is the most flamboyant outfit I’ve seen all day.”

She chuckled with me and agreed. We had a small conversation and yes, like my last set, she had a bubbly friendly personality. Did I escalate the conversation? No. Could I have escalated the conversation? Hell yes.

I have a hypothesis: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, people have been locked-up in-doors for the last three months. The prolonged social isolation has inadvertently caused girls to be more open, friendly, and welcoming to pickup artists cold approaching them on the streets.

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