06/12/20 – Night Game Revisited

On Friday, 06/12/20, I ventured off with my Indian wingman to Trinity Bar on Water Street. It was packed. Like, insanely packed. It was like the lockdown didn’t even exist. Pfft! “25% capacity” my ass. Not that I’m complaining, of course, but it’s certainly going to be my primer night game venue in the foreseeable future.

The vibe was great. Very lively. Crowd demographics between 18-25. Receptive and friendly. Downside is, the gender ratio was skewed toward men. I recall more dudes than chicks. However, with the right mindset and vibe, I believe it’ll be easy to get into social circles within the club.

Interestingly enough, I overheard a conversation in the smoking area between a few guys. The bar next to Trinity known as The Harp has “more chicks than dudes”, which I will most certainly visit in the near future.

Overall, I managed to do two approaches. Yes, given how long my wing and I stayed out that night, it may seem inconsequential. However, it was a great learning experience and massively helped me overcome my night game AA after a three month game hiatus.

Approach #1: When my wing and I first hit Trinity, we decided to scout the venue for good choke point with two criteria: a.) It had to be quiet enough to run game b.) Filled with people, but not overwhelmingly so. Of course, the outside smoking area fit our parameters just fine.

While outside chilling at the bar, we spotted a two-set casually drinking Coors next to us. It was a dude sporting a jacket with “Illinois” emblazoned in the front and two chicks. A slightly chubby white girl (soft HB 6) and her black friend (hard HB 6 – soft HB 7). It was a perfect setup.

I peered over at the dude and opened the set indirectly, “Excuse me, nice jacket, man. You from Chicago?” The guy looked over at me and said he came from the outskirts – more specifically, the suburban area. Personally, I didn’t care, but it gave me an “in”.

During the set, I ran extroverted, “cool guy” game.

I was loud, playful with everyone, and they ate that shit up. We chatted for approximately 5-10 minutes before I introduced my Indian wing. Turns out, he doesn’t specialize in opening strangers, but can act as a perfect distraction against cockblockers.

He isolated the dude, before I began chatting up the black girl. Unfortunately, I didn’t establish premise beyond “there’s this cool guy talking to me”, and I was wary if I began escalating verbally, it’d scare off the cat (and consequently the group), so to speak.

Within 30-40 minutes of opening the set, I could feel my energy begin to wane. My Indian wing began controlling the frame shortly afterward. While I still played the cool dude, the group began focusing his attention on him.

At the end, while I made new friends, I need to remind myself two things:

a.) Don’t burn through all your energy so fast. I believe Todd states it’s better to conserve your energy, because it’s impossible to be consistently high-energy during your set. And once your energy drops, so does everyone’s attraction toward YOU.

b.) Don’t hesitate to escalate. I mean, what did I have to lose? Okay, cool. I made “new friends”. So what? Will I ever see them again? No. So it doesn’t hurt to escalate. Nothing to lose.

I’d estimate the entire first set lasted approximately 2 hours or so.

Approach #2: At the middle-end of the night, I met this isolated white chick texting on her phone. Unfortunately, the music was loud and she could barely hear me. I opened with, “Damn, you’re like the most chill fucking person in the entire club.”

She thought I was an undercover cop lol.

I ejected out of the set.

The end.

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