06/15/20 – Slowly but Surely…

On Monday, 06/15/20, I ventured off across Downtown Milwaukee, searching for isolated sets and districts where people congregate post-lockdown. While wandering, I managed to approach 5 sets – most lasting under a minute – with one worth recording.

Needless to say, I’m proud of myself. I’ll admit, the set wasn’t optimal. It was my first “decent” day game approach after a three month hiatus. However, I felt I accomplished a small victory by plowing through my comfort zone. Could I have walked back home after 30 minutes of nothing? Yes. Did I? Hell no.

I spent an hour and a half searching for targets and did the 5 sets I promised myself I would.

Let’s get to the approach:

Approach #1: I met my first set after exploring Brady Street. She was isolated, calmly sitting underneath a few trees at a park reading a book. At first, I was hesitant to approach since she looked young. Like, high school young. However, my worries disappeared once she looked up at me.

She was shy, clearly a strong introvert even if I didn’t do the approach, sporting a distinct nose ring.

The set lasted two minutes and I mostly spouted random push-pull lines off the top of my head. As I said, not the best approach, but excellent practice.


In addition to my approach, I discovered a few tidbits which will undoubtedly help me in the near future:

Note #1: It’s a bad idea to game on Adderall. Period. I took my ADHD medications in the morning to prepare for work, but they lasted past my work schedule. As I sarged through Downtown, I felt unusually more anxious than usual and on edge. Not a good frame of mind to have.

Note #2: When all else fails, sarge through Brady Street. It’s packed with people. Cute girls walking their dogs. A fair amount of isolated sets I could capitalize on in the near future.

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