06/19/20 – “Rejection is better than Regret”

On 06/19/20, Friday, my Indian wing and I ventured off to Trinity bar once again to meet up with Chris, a pickup artist I met on Todd V’s Facebook Group. We mulled around for a few minutes, scouting the locale before establishing ourselves near the entrance waiting for Chris.

While chilling at a booth with my wing, I noticed a massively favorable gender ratio within Trinity early on in the night. I swear, there was 3-4 girls for every guy. The phenomenon lasted for roughly 1-2 hours, before hordes of thirsty dudes came piling in. Needless to say, I mentally noted the “prime time” to hit Trinity is 9:00PM – 10:30PM.

The fun really began, however, when Chris came in.

As a preface before getting into the nitty-gritty of this report, I’ve met quite a few pickup artists in Milwaukee via Discord, Telegram, and Todd V’s Facebook Group.

It’s a rarity you find another man who is willing to put in the hustle and work to truly get good at pickup.

We initially planned to do only 5 sets, but at the end of the night, I swear we approached every hot girl in the venue.

Every approach was calculated, observational, and highly educational on improving our game in-field.

Fair warning: Lengthy field + analysis report ahead

“Rejection is better than regret.”

That was our motto for the night.

Chris and I both have prior game experience and knowledge. So we weren’t newbies by any extent of the word. What did fuck us up, however, was the three-month hiatus due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

Now, after last night, I’m going to give an honest assessment of his overall game stratagem.



  • Mild-Moderate approach anxiety: Throughout our night game session, I did a majority of the approaches. However, by reminding him of the mantra “Rejection is better than regret“, he was able to snap out of his AA and do an approach.

    Of course, if I had AA, he’d remind me that rejection truly is better than regret as well.
  • Spontaneous: A strength of Chris’. When he opens a set, they’re spontaneous with game theory operating from his subconscious. Very effective. Does not come off as try-hard or “gamey”.
  • Hooking: Another strength of Chris’. He is able to hold a conversation with a set longer than I can. However, while the nature of his conversation could possibly be Man-to-Woman, they’re not compelling enough to elicit a phone number at close.
  • Body Language: He naturally gives out a chill, cool vibe. Which is great on sets. Girls feel comfortable conversing with him without alarms or bitch shields firing off.

    The only issue I see here is on the dance floor. He sometimes has a cup in his hand while looking around.

This is just a cursory overview of Chris’ game and certainly not anything definitive. I’d imagine he can fix most – if not all – of these issues the next time he goes out.

Before I get to the approaches, I most certainly cannot list them all. They’re just too numerous and I’ll briefly highlight the most important ones.

Approach #1: Our first approach was a mixed set with one guy and two girls. We opened a guy sporting a shirt labelled “Only Friends”, a parody of Only Fans, and he introduced us to his friends. The conversation went well, Chris and I chatted up the group, but… I fucked up lol.

Turns out, one of the girls was a Mathematician. She states she’s a genius at math.

I forgot the statement, but I believe I did a bit too much push, and not as strong a pull, when I mentioned if she’s like “Good Will Hunting good”.

Needless to say, the set ended shortly after.

Approach #2: After leaving the first set to “find our friend”, we spotted two girls who appeared cute from a side angle. At first, we hesitated to approach, since we choded in the same position for a few seconds or so, before opening the two-set.

Unfortunately, both girls were “thick”, for lack of proper term. Not fat, not skinny, but certainly above average weight-wise.

Chris and I chatted up our targets separately. I’m not sure what he said, but I felt I was too gamey on my target. I threw out push-pulls, did cold reads, did everything except act like a normal dude at a bar. It had an incredibly “this guy is hitting on me” vibe to it. Completely unnatural.

I believe if I acted normally and dropped the game for just a little bit while displaying high value traits, the set would have gone better.

On a good note, my set lasted quite a bit. It wasn’t until my target’s friend appeared at the table that she focused her attention on him.

Chris stayed at the set for a while longer before we regrouped.

Approach #3: My favorite set. Approximately 30 or so minutes after our last major set and after a few shotgun approaches, we ran into this cute soft HB 7 and her friend – also attractive, but a massive cockblock – who we chatted up.

My target was bubbly, positive, and responded positively when I placed a hand around her waist while Chris conversed with my target’s friend.

Overall, it was a good set. While I was a bit gamey, I established a slight Man-to-Woman premise in the form of direct compliments or push-pull lines.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the cockblocking friend pulled her aside and they both ejected out of the set.

Note: I don’t know what it is. Within the past two night gaming sessions I’ve had, alot of my targets are cockblocked by a friend. It’s irritating, but I need to learn how to handle groups or two-sets.

Approach #4: After chilling out for a few minutes, Chris and I decided to open a bachelorette party. It was a group of five girls. Turns out, two of the three were lesbians who were getting married to each other. I didn’t manage to stay in the set for too long, but Chris chatted up the “wife” of the two who sported a skimpier version of a wedding gown.

I’d estimate the set lasted 10 or so minutes before a random girl in the group pulled the “wife” aside, whispered something to her, and they all decided to hit the dance floor.

As they left, Chris told me he overheard one of the girls saying she knew what we were up to. After the red flags raised, they ejected out of the set.

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