06/27/20 – The 12 Hour Marathon

On 06/27/20, Saturday, Chris and I had a 12 hour game session starting off with a few day game sets in Chicago, IL all the way to a lengthy night game session at Trinity bar. A plethora of observational and educational information will be logged in this report.

Our trip to Chicago was relatively spontaneous. We read data sheets on the open, receptive behavior of Chicago girls and decided to investigate these claims ourselves. Since we are an hour and a half away from Chi-Town, we made the decision to hit up the city in the morning.

Needless to say, the reports were highly accurate.

In a matter of fact, I’d go as far to say that the receptive behavior in Chicago is superior to the girls in Milwaukee. Chicago > Milwaukee any day of the week. Especially for day game.

Once we hit Chicago, we immediately got to work. I’ll be honest, though: I wasn’t able to do many approaches since I wanted Chris to knock out his sets first before I got to mine. When I started approaching, I was physically exhausted (ie. achy feet/legs, literally 10 miles of walking, etc) and my sets were more shotgun in nature.

Our current goal is to hit Chicago at least once a week. It allows our mindset to be on “vacation mode” for a day. No worrying about girls seeing us again, especially with a metro population of 9.5 million people.

After we left Chicago, we initially decided to head home, chill out, and reflect on our game session. But you know what? Fuck that. We still had to hit the night trenches. Like our trip to Chicago, our decision to night game was equally spontaneous.

However, we needed our rest. According to Chris, we traversed 11.5 miles in Chicago, and we took it easy by practicing with “the boys” on a pickup Discord server.

By the time we reached Trinity bar, it was 10:30PM.

At first, we simply walked around Trinity, shooting the shit before Chris popped out his phone and began checking his text messages. He said a childhood friend he knew since 14 wanted to date him. Unfortunately for her, he didn’t feel the same way. She wasn’t as hot as she once was, she had a kid, and the text she sent him literally asked him out on a date. Kinda desperate if you ask me.

Chris’ text reaffirmed an age old red pill truth: Girls don’t know game because they never had to use it.


Something good came out of this.

Reflect on the text message’s contents. Hell, let’s frame the scenario like a Hollywood chick flick: You’ve been best friends with a girl since 14 years old. You’ve all gone through shit together. Shared experiences. Eventually, as time passes on, she gets married and you find a girlfriend.

You break up with your girlfriend.

She divorces her husband.

But… she still remembers you, and possibly out of desperation and/or latent desire, she awkwardly – but sweetly – asks you out on a date.

It’s a Hollywood movie, isn’t it? Girls love that shit. The drama. And what’s better? You fucked her best friend 9 years ago which builds up the drama.

And let me tell you…

It works great as an opinion opener.

As I scrolled through his text messages, I had a lightbulb moment: Why don’t we ask girls what THEY would do in this situation? It’s perfect. A combination of a standard opinion opener mixed with Styles’ Jealous Girlfriend opener.

I’ll be dedicating a separate thread on how to do – as I call it – the Childhood Friend opener. It establishes comfort and high value with ease and should be apart of any pickup artist’s game repertoire.

Anyway, onto the approaches:

Approach #1: Our first attempt at the Childhood Friend opener was on a Latina and Germanic white girl of equal SMV. Soft HB 5s, fat, attractive faces, but nothing we’d dare get caught with in public. It wasn’t an issue for us, though; these girls served as lab rats and not viable targets.

Once Chris opened, the girls ate up the drama with ferocity. At first, they listened close, but once they got the gyst of the message – and Chris dropped more bait (ie. “I fucked her best friend 9 years ago”, “She’s my best friend”, “I broke up with my girlfriend, she got divorced”) – they were enthusiastic to help us with our “predicament”.

We chatted them up for a bit, before I affixed my attention toward the Germanic blonde.

I knew I couldn’t hijack Chris’ (true) story, but I made a bullshit version of the Childhood Friend opener in respect to my past. Here’s the thing though: Most of it was true, with a few “minor” details edited. My target ate it up and started opening her life details to me.

Eventually, Chris and I knew it was time to introduce ourselves since we “felt like we were using them and we didn’t even know their names”, before it became an actual set.

We established comfort and high SMV… but sadly, didn’t establish premise throughout the set.

The girls noticed this and once they got bored of the idle chatter, decided to get drinks.

Approach #2: After leaving the two HB 5s, Chris and I chilled at a bench in a secluded corner of Trinity. We evaluated our prior set and began dissecting the Childhood Friend opener. Our discovery was monumental; but further experimentation was required (viz. gauging a girl’s comfort level so we can switch to a more Man-to-Woman interaction, spiking DHV after the initial opener, etc).

I’d say 20-30 minutes later, I spotted a 3-set lounging at a pillar, idly sipping whatever rail drink they ordered without a dude in sight.

Our targets – a brunette Irish girl (Soft HB 7), her fat friend (Soft HB 5), and a blonde-haired Germanic girl (Hard HB 7) they met two hours prior – were a refreshing boost in quality compared to our first approach.

I believe Chris made a smart move running the Childhood Friend opener on the fat girl.

She was receptive, chatty, and gave blunt advice. Nice approach imo, but the fatty wasn’t our primary target. She served as an excellent stepping stool to the Irish girl and Germanic girl. At first, they weren’t receptive and figured we were hitting on them.

As Chris and I ran our game on the fatty, the Irish girl was the first to open up – and after that, my personal target, the blonde-haired Germanic girl.

Unfortunately, our conversation between the three girls was mostly platonic, buuuuuuut…

While the blonde-haired Germanic girl and fatty fetched drinks after a bit, the Irish girl stayed.

Turns out, she’s engaged. She was receptive and qualified herself to both myself and Chris; a surefire sign our game improved within the past few weeks after diligently applying ourselves.

After a while, she left, but after dissecting our overall game stratagem, we decided we need to practice implementing premise to the Childhood Friend routine.

Approach #3: Chris did a final approach, but I wasn’t involved in it. I simply observed as a curious bystander, before he gave his report of the final set.

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