07/02/20 – Big Wins

On 07/02/20, Chris, Rakesh and I ventured off to Trinity bar after having a bad day game session without anything worthwhile to write about.

However, our night was amazing.

My biggest strength of that night was establishing a Man-to-Woman premise – not early, mind you – but at least I fuckin’ did it. And it worked so well in my favor.

There’s a scene in Fight Club where Edward Norton’s character’s apartment exploded and has no place to stay. He calls up Brad Pitt’s character because he doesn’t have a place to stay, he talks about the situation with him, they have a bunch of drinks together.

And as it gets to the end of the night, there’s this awkward moment where Edward Norton character is like, “Okay, well… I guess I’m gunna, you know… go call a hotel now.”

And Brad Pitt’s character goes, “What? Really? What do you mean?”

“You know, I, probably need to go to a hotel.”

“Just ask man.”

“Just ask what?”

“Maaaaan, three pitchers of beer and you can’t even ask.”

“Well, is it a problem, if… is it a problem to ask?”

“Yeah sure, no problem, let’s go!”

He was just waiting for him to ask and get to the point.

There was no objection, they’re on the same page, but Edward Norton was being so unassertive, trying to hard to not be socially awkward, that if he would just have asked… it would have been an easy “yes”.

Same principle applies to game. When I hesitate to establish premise and the girl is already into me, I shoot myself in the foot.

… But that night I had the balls to establish premise and I made out with a girl and got a solid phone #.

Let’s get to the approach:

Note: Since I go out so often, my reports will be far more condensed from here on out.

Approach #1: At first, I was incredibly hesitant to approach, since one of the girls behind us had blue hair and looked like your quintessential SJW.

Her friend was cute – a brunette hard HB 6 – but due to red pill beliefs, you better be damn careful hitting on friends of SJWs and their ilk.

Eventually, Rakesh decided to approach despite my prior warnings. Boy, was I wrong. My target and her SJW-looking friend were pretty un-PC and funny as hell.

“Hey, you look like a jungle Asian!” Fuck, that shit was hilarious.

Anyway, the set went well. I ran game on the brunette, while Rakesh distracted the SJW. Fun times for all.

At the end of the night, I made out with my target a few times, before catching her phone number which ended up being solid.

It was strange, though. My target was unusually masculine and aggressive. She preferred if she made out with me and not the other way around. She kissed my neck when we were dancing, and when I tried to reciprocate, she chuckled and said, “Whoa, slow down!”

Confusing, but intriguing at the same time.

Before I conclude this set, I will make two observations:

1.) Rakesh correctly got us on the dance floor in a high note. It proved very effective.

2.) My target was obviously into me. Why didn’t I establish premise earlier?

In any other case, everything was recorded. At least, until I started dancing with my target.


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