07/03/20 – A Night of 8s and 9s

On 07/03/20, Chris, Rakesh and I ventured off to Trinity bar after bar hopping around Brady Street for a few hours or so. Needless to say, Brady Street isn’t nearly as fun as Water Street. The vibe isn’t up to par with our energy levels.

Chris and I did a few approaches at both Brady and Water Street, but as always, the good sets occurred at Trinity bar. Overall, only one set was worth recording on my end.

Approach #1: At first, Chris and I had mild AA since we lost momentum searching for a so-called “popular” bar near Brady Street. The bitch was fuckin’ dead as hell. Unfortunately, all three of us had achy-ass feet for bar hopping for so long and we ordered a Lyft to travel to Trinity bar.

Of course, once we arrived, Trinity was packed to the brim with bar patrons. As Chris, Rakesh, and I stepped to the outside smoking area, I spotted a hot, hard HB 8 brunette Italian girl.

I opened her with the Childhood Friend opener and thankfully, she was the friendliest out of her group. Her personality was positive, outgoing, and “helpful”, despite our true intentions. She was from St. Louis, MO and visited Milwaukee for a friend.

Overall, I established premise and vibed well with her. My weakness wasn’t being flirty enough, nor did I evaluate her to my knowledge. But she was opened to being gamed. If I just made the set more Man-to-Woman, I bet shit could have flown off.

Here’s a copy of our audio recording:


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