07/12/20 – The Power of Observational Direct Openers & Instadates

Shit, well, I didn’t think I’d ever applaud direct game as a viable – and dare I say superior – opener. At least, in malls, supermarkets, and possibly college campuses. However, the latter hasn’t been field tested yet. While I haven’t written a good ‘ol fashioned field report within the last week and a half, Chris and I have been busy tearing up Chicago.

Since Chi-Town is an hour and a half away from Milwaukee, my mind slips into “vacation mode”, where I don’t give a flying fuck on opening/escalating sets. Why? Because Chris and I will never see these hoes again. Simple as that.

Within the past week and a half, we experimented with a few game techniques and learned three valuable lessons:

  1. Go direct. Better yet, do an observational direct opener if possible. Those are the fucking best. For example, “Excuse me, I know this is going to sound weird, but I saw you from over there [point to random direction] and I thought you looked absolutely adorable in that white-and-yellow sundress and I had to say hi.

    I’ve managed to get lots of compliments, girls allowing me to continue the conversation, and a few instances where I managed to walk with a girl to lead them to an instadate venue. Well, close, but I’m working on that.

    The trick is to say it confidently, but somehow, also manage to make it sound like you don’t do this often. Like, a strangely confident shy dude. That’s the best way to describe it.

    It’s also far, far better if you personalize the opener in your own words than try and use anything canned you memorized. I don’t want to sound like a pussy, but a genuine compliment mixed in an observational direct opener works wonderfully.
  2. Instadates -> Phone number. I’ll be honest, this hasn’t occurred yet. However, if you combine the length of time I’ve gamed pre-lockdown and post-lockdown, I’d estimate it’d total five months give or take. I’ve secured a ton of flaky-ass phone numbers, but only one instadate that turned out ‘meh’.

    That isn’t to say I shouldn’t keep collecting phone numbers and pray for the best. Rather, focus on insta-dating and if the girl isn’t free, go for a number close.

    I’ve experimented with this at Woodfield Mall in Chicago. As long as you lead, girls I’ve met are willing to comply with your commands. For example, after the opener, I’d go with:

    So, what are you doing right now?

    Oh, I’m shopping for my sister/for a party/for a photoshoot.

    Cool. Let’s go.” [head cock in random direction]
  3. Lead the interaction. This is by far one of the most important lessons I’ve picked up in game. When I lead the interaction by walking in-front of her slightly, pointing where to go, asking questions in a firm, confident manner, and generally just being a man… things go well for me.

    Girls I’ve led respond positively to my advances.

    On the other hand, if I do a hesitant or canned approach, girls quickly blew me off or glared at me before walking off.

    I believe Todd answered this in one of my questions: “When you’re aggressive and start leading, you demand a response.”

Overall, Chris and I did countless approaches during day game; especially in Chicago at Woodfield Mall. While we do game in Milwaukee, it’s easy to spot a girl you already approached a few days or weeks prior. At least, in a night game setting.

We have an inside joke that our girlfriends will be Chicagoans given how carefree we are with our sets.

In any other case, I have one set to report.

It isn’t the best, but I believe JP may have an interest in it. He’ll be able to provide the next steps I’ll need to take in order to successfully instadate + number close afterward.

Approach #1: A few hours into our day game session at Woodfield Mall I ran into a soft HB 8, sporting curly brunette hair, and of course, given Illinois’ strict regulations, a face mask.

It wasn’t the most optimal approach, but during that time, I already did 4-5 sets. So I wasn’t too hard on myself to say the least.

After I opened her, I discovered she’s a model searching for a “natural” white dress her photographer requested she buy. However, even though I led the interaction, tried establishing value early on, she was mostly quiet. Was she nervous? Yes. How could I open her up? I don’t know, but it’s a question to ask JP.


  • Did an observational direct opener. Girl was receptive.
  • Led the interaction.
  • Girl was hooked for the first few minutes.
  • Was able to walk with her. Could have potentially led to instadate.
  • Got phone number.


  • Girl was nervous. Didn’t know what to expect.
  • Got flaky ass phone number.
  • Interaction felt awkward. Very fucking awkward.
  • Even though I walked with her. It was to places SHE was going. I felt like a girl tagging along with a guy lol
  • Didn’t get instadate.

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