JP Call #8: Questions and Notes (Study and fill out on weekend and Monday)


  1. I’m starting to love doing observational direct openers. They work so fuckin’ well. What are some suggestions to improve my game after directly opening a walking set? A: Start using alot more statements of empathy on girls who feel weird about the situation.
  2. What do I do when a girl asks for my number instead of giving me her number. Like, if the set wasn’t good enough. What’s a good comeback? A: That one is tough. There really isn’t any good response to that.
  3. How do I become more playful and less logical in set? I remember a few months ago pre-lockdown, we were talking about passing shit tests and that I was too logical. How can I have that mindset in general when in set? A: Treat everything like a mini-vacation. Treat every set like “whatever happens… happens. I’m just here to have fun.” Think how can I make this set more enjoyable to myself.


  • When JP does a direct opener, he always uses “you have the cutest look” and it kinda sneaks the premise in there.
  • Yes, push-pulls and negs are good, but don’t overdo it. For example, “you look so adorable in that tiny backpack, it looks kinda aged though.” Okay, that’s good. However, then I added, “… It kinda looks like it came from the early 2000s.” That’s a bit too much. One push-pull is enough.
  • If I am going to be push-pulling alot, overload with the compliments as well. That’s what JP does in his infield. Sometimes, he’ll give a really hard push to balance them out.
  • It’s great that I lead girls. Keep doing it.
  • Always. I mean always read a girl’s blueprint. Her dress style, personality, background, age, etc factor on how to game your target. For example, the German flight attendant on 07/20/20. I didn’t need a fuckboy frame, I needed a more logical, yet flirty frame.
  • While it’s nice to gauge how a girl is answering your questions, it’s far more important to gauge her blueprint. What’s her personality like? Is she quiet or extroverted? How is she sitting? How is she dressed?
  • Going with the point above: Convey yourself in a way where she’s used to go out with guys like you. For example, the South American latinas. I didn’t have to go full-on energetic mode. They gave a more calm vibe. What would a guy she dates look like? What would he do?
  • Don’t be excited when a girl says something that genuinely is interesting. Be indifferent. Aloof. Cool.
  • 6s and 7s don’t like to be lead. They’re not used to getting hit on, so it may come off as offensive or rude to them. Consequently, you’ll get a ton of shit tests. However, 8s, 9s and 10s love being led by a confident guy.
  • When a girl is confused or wary off my direct opener, always use a statement of empathy to calm her down.
  • When I lead girls – especially 8s, 9s and 10s – it shows that I’m not nervous around them. It gets them in their head and has them asking, “If he’s not nervous around me, who is he really hooking up with?”
  • This is a big one: Show honest signals and lead. Don’t be try-hard about it. Don’t try and impress the girl with push-pulls. Be natural.
  • When a girl goes into a store and I follow her, I have to wait by the dressing room, kinda sit there and wait for her. It looks needy after 5-10 minutes. Therefore, instead just say, “By the way, I have to go in a second, but maybe you can give me your number and we can catch up later.” Alternatively, say, “Hey, you need a break, there’s a Starbucks over there. It’ll only take two minutes and I’ll bring ya right back.

    If I say the above – especially the Starbucks instadate close – urgently, as if I’m in a hurry, the girl will feel like there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. *IMPORTANT*
  • When it comes to the Masked Model, JP said I had two options:

    1. Try and get her number before she went inside the store. And when she’s in the store, keep texting her in the meantime while you pretend to do something else. In an hour or two, since I’ll still be texting, we’ll meet up by saying, “Hey, let’s meet at Starbucks in the middle of the mall“.

    2. Try and instadate immediately.
  • It’s what I say and do 1-2 minutes after I meet her that determines if the number is solid or not. While 10-20 minutes is okay, try and focus on the first 1-2 minutes. My success ratio for solid number should go up.
  • Start at 22:40

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