Why NoFap is so Important for Game

I’m starting to see why Chris loves NoFap so damn much.

I’ll admit, I was slightly skeptical of NoFap and it’s benefits. I mean, I strongly agree not fapping for a few days increases libido and consequently, your desire to approach cute girls. But even after four days of not fapping, I’m seeing a noticeable increase in focus, energy, and mental clarity while in set.

On the flip side, if I game the same day or hell, even a day after I fap, I have low libido, fogginess, hesitation, and I’m totally unfocused in set.

I believe NoFap is essential for both day and night game for different reasons:

  • Night Game: You need testosterone to fuel and sexualize your set relatively fast. Without it, you’re having a friendly, yet slightly flirty conversation that doesn’t go anywhere. In addition, given the physical nature of night game in general, the extra dopamine and testosterone makes escalating far easier to accomplish.
  • Day Game: I find I’m a better conversationalist, establishing premise, and leading the girl comes naturally due to the extra dopamine / testosterone flowing through my body. Right now, day game is my bread and butter. While physical escalation isn’t prime during day game; moving the set from approach to instadate is.

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