07/19/20 – A Lesson in Direct Street Game and Reading A Girl’s Blueprint

On Sunday, 07/19/20, Chris and I ventured off to Chicago as par tradition at this point. At first, we anticipated visiting Woodfield Mall, before inevitably deciding to hit up Water Tower Place instead. Needless to say, it sucked. It was hella dead despite the fact it’s situated in the middle of Downtown Chicago!

At that point, we already purchased a $17 parking space and decided to make the best of our trip.

It was highly-educational to say the least. We practiced direct street game in Chicago and surprisingly enough, got positive responses from stationary sets.

At the end, I managed to do numerous approaches, with only two worth writing about.

Approach #1: Chris and I mulled around Chicago after leaving Water Tower Place and managed to find ourselves at the Cloud Gate sculpture. We saw two latinas – an Argentine and Mexican national – relaxing on a bench nearby.

We approached them and I honestly thought my set went really well. Yeah, I number closed her, but it was flakey. This is definitely one of those sets I need to show JP.


Approach #2: While Chris was chatting up a girl near Cloud Gate, I found this 33 year old German flight attendant. She looked like a girl in her mid-late 20s, professionally dressed and an air of maturity to her. This was an easy blueprint to read, but unfortunately, I kept going for a try-hard, fuckboy frame.

Initially, she was very amused, but I’m assuming she saw it as a gimmick.

We had a friendly conversation, she didn’t flirt back per se, but stayed in set as she watched my game. I believe this set would have been much better if I was a bit more logical, mature yet flirty, and lower energy.

Remember: More than the conversation, any game I run, or otherwise, I need to analyze and read a girl’s blueprint. Think, what type of guys does this girl date? How can I put myself in his shoes?

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