07/23/20 – The Casual, Blasé Opener

On 07/23/20, Thursday, I ventured off to Mayfair Mall for a solo day game session. Since I haven’t gone solo in a few weeks now, it was refreshing to completely rely on myself instead of a wing. It was “purer”, I guess you could say.

In any other case, I did three approaches, but one was worth writing about:

Approach #1: After two approaches, I spotted this pale, ginger hard HB 6 relaxing on a bench near a Starbucks inside Mayfair. I knew I couldn’t approach directly. In this context – an isolated stationary set texting on her phone – the best approach was to indirectly open the set. During that time, I flirt, establish premise, and overall act like a fun dude to be around with.

It’s worked so fucking well in the past.

Hell, most of my greatest sets felt so indirect, that I feel like “it just happened”.

Anyway, the set was good in my opinion. Unfortunately, she had a boyfriend and I quite possibly made a few mistakes that killed the interaction (ie. too excited to talk to the girl, high-pitch vocal tonality, speaking far too fast, etc).


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