07/26/20 – Persistence Pays Off

On Sunday, 07/26/20, Chris and I decided to venture off to Chicago for a day game session. Unfortunately, the night before, I got incredibly drunk and consequently, had a massive hangover on Sunday. I didn’t feel like doing shit. Honestly, I didn’t expect to do a single approach.

… But boy, was I wrong.

It’s strange: On days you’re well-rested, ready to game, and otherwise mentally prepared to talk to girls, you have a 50/50 shot of doing well.

However, on days you didn’t get much sleep, hungover, and generally feeling under the wind. You do amazing.

While I managed to approach lots of women, four stood out to me:

Approach #1: The British Analyst

Synopsis: I spotted a soft HB 7 brunette sporting a white dress on the sidewalk. Did an observational direct opener. I discovered she was British immediately, but made a mistake that I’ll log in Sticking Point. Set lasted 1 minute.

Sticking Point:

– Too excited to meet a British European girl. JP states I should be blase or nonchalant even if I’m excited. Next time, if I hear anything that truly does excite me, hide it.

– My observational openers are starting to become too try-hard. Possibly switch to “I thought you had the cutest fucking look and I had to say hi”.

What I Did Right: The technicalities of the approach was good. No AA.

Comments: N/A

Approach #2: The Russian LA Girls

Synopsis: At the Cloud Gate statue, Chris and I ran into four girls speaking Russian. All of them fluctuated between hard HB 7s or soft HB 8s. It lasted nearly 2 minutes. Turns out, they booked a flight from LA to Chicago. Red flags, in my opinion.

I managed to mildly hook a blonde Russian from the gaggle of Slavs. Her friends pulled her away. Ah well.

Sticking Point:

– Didn’t hook the set strongly enough. She was interested, but not interested enough to leave her friends. Alternatively, I should have befriended the group and snaked my way in.

What I Did Right: Hooked the set. Approached a 4-set effectively in a spontaneous “RSD Max” sort of way. This is despite the fact Chris said I was too far away.

Comments: If I approach bigger sets, the more confident I come across. Saw a few PUAs in Chicago. They only approached 1 or 2-sets.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjvcNKh7hSI

Approach #3: The California Girl

Synopsis: My favorite set of the day. I ran into this hard HB 7 – soft HB 8 (to me) California girl. Just my type, too: Small tits, small ass, petite frame, dirty blonde-hair, giggly and playful personality. God damn. I loved gaming her. I genuinely found it fun.

I found her outside a 7/11, sitting on a suitcase, while gazing out into the street. Did an observational opener about how she “looked like she was going to travel the world”. This ushered a cute laugh before my testosterone kicked in from her vibe and I played a mix of cocky funny and flirty.

She came from San Diego, California and was visiting a friend in Chicago. Interesting tidbits, but I enjoyed her personality more than anything.

At the end, her faggy boyfriend stepped outside and saw the two of us playing it up. Even though she kept flirting with me, the guy stepped in and abruptly ended the set.

Sad nigga tears.

Sticking Point: N/A. It’s amazing how good a man games when he meets his type.

What I Did Right: Lots of things. I had no AA. Gamed my target to the best of my ability. Didn’t explicitly display interest and consequently, didn’t give my power away. Our interaction was flirty enough that she knew what was going on.

Comments: It’s crazy. My best sets occur on isolated stationary targets who I can approach like “it just happened”.

Approach #4: The Married Woman

Synopsis: My set of shame. At the end of the day, Chris and I ran into this isolated stationary hard HB 6 Latina. She was sitting down, eyes focused on a black-over-brown weenier dog. It trailed up to my shoes, sniffed it a bit, which allowed me to open with, “My, your dog is very curious.”

After that, I didn’t have to say much else. She was incredibly chatty, fluctuated between flirty and platonic, before I discovered a few interesting tidbits on her.

She was married. Her husband worked for Microsoft. He’s never home.

Ah shit. At the end, I successfully number closed her. I sent her a simple text of, “Hey [her name] it was nice meeting you

She responded with, “It was a pleasure. Let me know when y’all come back! Lots to see and do,” less than a minute later.

I’m conflicted. Lots of PUAs wouldn’t have an issue gaming interested married women. I most certainly do. I’ll debate and figure out how to handle the situation.

Sticking Point: N/A. Could have established a bit more premise, but overall got the job done.

What I Did Right: Lots of things. Didn’t have to game too much since my target was receptive.

Comments: Probably shouldn’t bang married women.

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