08/1-2/20 – Solo Gaming in the Big City

This report will cover a single approach on 08/01/20 and 08/02/20, both situated in Chicago.

On Saturday, 08/01/20, Chris and I ventured off to Chicago for another day game session. That particular Saturday wasn’t memorable. I got a single set that I thought was cool, very premise-y and sexualized, but nothing too big.

However, on Sunday, 08/02/20 was the first time I decided to solo day game in Chicago without relying on Chris. It felt… weird. Like, I was vulnerable; knowing that you’re completely alone with no friends to share your experiences with.

It wasn’t bad. On the contrary, it was quite good! It tells me I need to focus on operating as a solo PUA in “unexplored territory” and gives me a small taste of how I’d feel in EE countries when I expatriate there.

As stated above, I found two approaches worth writing about on Saturday and Sunday.

08/01/20Approach #1: The Polish Expat

Synopsis: At the Cloud Gate statue, Chris and I ran into an isolated baby-faced Polish girl. At a distance, she appeared underage. As I opened her, I discovered she’s a college student and was waiting for her Russian friends. Got a phone number. Sadly, was a flake.

Sticking Point:

– While I established premise, polarizing lines, I wasn’t able to hook the set. I believe it’s because I didn’t read the girl’s blueprint. She was an immigrant to the US from Poland. However, she lived here for a few years. I should have been low energy instead of my usual higher energy self.

– I speak waaaaaay too fast in set. Probably since I’m slightly nervous/excited. Need to tone it down!

What I Did Right: Effectively opened the set. Made her laugh a few times. Tried going for instadate early. Got number.


– Blueprints are important!

– There are a ton of Slavs in Chicago

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHneppGorFQ&t=1s


08/02/20Approach #1: The Russian Businesswoman

Synopsis: At Nordstrom on the Magnificent Mile, I ran solo and spotted this attractive Russian woman sporting a white dress shirt, tight black pencil skirt, and dirty blonde hair. When I opened her, I saw she was older. Early 40s, but a soft HB 7.

Set was short. Lasted a little over a minute and a half before it ended.

Sticking Point:

– She was an older business woman. Far too high energy. If I read her blueprint correctly, should have spoke much slower. Low energy. Logical since she’s Slavic.

What I Did Right: Very Man-to-Woman within that minute and a half. Very proud of myself for that. If she was a younger American girl, set may have gone far better. Tried leading the set. Lots of good qualities I displayed here.

Comments: I seriously need to focus on blueprints!

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQl-E9mNtyo


A Note on Slavic Expats: While trying to impress a girl in set can be seen as try-hard, saying one or two words in their native tongue might give me brownie points in the interaction. For example, saying “privet” to the Russian businesswoman or “Dzien dobry” to the Polish expat.

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