08/7-9/20 – Little Big Lessons

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 08/07-09/2020, Chris and I did a three day game stint in Chicago.

While driving, we listened to a Natural Lifestyles podcast and one of their tips caught my attention: “It doesn’t matter if you approach directly. Saying ‘I thought you were cute and I had to say hi’ without emotion is just words to a girl. At most you’ll get is ‘Oh thanks’ before she walks off. Add emotion. Be aware and present in the interaction.

As if by luck, I also discovered an optimal stopping method which nets me the most results: The Police Stop. You don’t approach from the side or behind. Simply hold your hand up when the girl is walking toward you a fair distance away and say, “Excuse me.”

I don’t know what it is, but girls seem far more receptive when approaching in-front of them.

Implementing those two tips drastically improved my game. A ‘eureka’ moment for day game, you could say.

Anyway, three approaches were worth recording. So let’s get to them.

08/08/20Approach #1: The Croatian Receptionist

Synopsis: After leaving the Cloud Gate statue, Chris and I ran into this well-dressed Croatian American woman sporting a brown pencil skirt bottom and a white dress shirt top. She had a bouquet of roses between her arms. Did a “police stop” on her before she gave a big ‘ol grin.

She was receptive right off the bat. Very friendly. Gave me her phone number. It was solid. Unfortunately, she wants to be friends. Damn.

Sticking Point:

– After I naturally start using emotion in my sets, I seriously need to focus on calming down and speaking slower. I spoke waaaaay too fast in set.

What I Did Right:

– James Marshall was right. Implementing emotion and awareness in the opener was paramount for success. With it, I’ve had less “Oh thanks” before the girl walks off and more sets staying so I can run my game.

– I didn’t hesitate. I saw her. Thought she was absolutely adorable and went for the approach with a blank slate.

– I want to reiterate how important adding emotion to the set is. JP stated it doesn’t matter how long the set is, but rather, what you do within that 1-2 minute timeframe with the girl.

My set with the Croatian was literally one minute, 30 seconds long. By displaying emotion in the set, the number was solid.

Comments: Seriously, speak slower. Control your excitement.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03kf3WjxQSY&t=1s


08/08/20 – Approach #2The Utah Mormons

Synopsis: A little before meeting the Croatian Receptionist, we ran into two Mormon girls from Utah chilling on a bench. My target was a soft HB 8, red dress, incredibly attractive, and friendly – but not receptive. When Chris and I approached the girls, he immediately noticed a wedding ring on both their fingers that I didn’t see.

At the end, I didn’t get the number, but the set was decent.

Sticking Point:

– Didn’t read the girl’s blueprint. Cursed quite a bit. Ran “generic” game without calculating the girl’s personality.

– Was a bit confused since it’s difficult running game with your wing next to you. It’s not his presence, per se, but the fact you’re talking over him. Makes the set slightly chaotic.

What I Did Right:

– Once again, opened the set with an emotional oomph behind it. Worked pretty well.

Comments: Found out my target had a kid. Never date single moms.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSk0VIeAFpY


08/09/20 – Approach #1The German Volleyball Player (favorite set)

Synopsis: While buying a Dr. Pepper at WalGreens, I saw this gigantic German volleyball player who towered over virtually everyone there. She was a soft HB 8, small tits, mid-sized ass, and an athletic physique. Unfortunately, my mic slipped out of my shirt during this time, so a recording isn’t available.

I looked at the cashier as she walked out, put my Dr. Pepper on the counter and said, “Uhh, hold on for a sec” before darting outside to approach her. I came in the set with a ton of intensity, passion, and sadly, a bit of thirst. She was friendly, but overwhelmed (she literally verbalized it a few minutes into the interaction). I was a bit too direct.

Anyway, I discovered she was a foreign exchange student from Frankfurt, heading to New Mexico the next day, and was a staggering 6’3” tall compared to my 5’6” ass lol. My head craned up the entire set as we walked.

After the set, I met up with Chris at a Subway. His eyes bulged as he saw me walking side-by-side with her outside. His response? “Jesus Christ, now that’s a fuckin’ tree right there!” Shit was hilarious.

Sticking Point:

– Massively needed to work on reading this girl’s blueprint. She was reserved, very German in her accent and demeanor, almost serious. For example, at the middle-end of the set my target said she had a boyfriend. I responded with, “Well, obviously we won’t bring him on the first date,” and she seemed confused. As if she couldn’t comprehend American humor.

– While I added emotion on the opener, I need to regulate how much emotion I bring to the table. She was overwhelmed by how confident and assertive I was. More statements of empathy. Less thirst.

– Once she declared she was overwhelmed, I should have stepped back, “restarted” the interaction, asked her personal or non-threatening questions and established comfort. Not continue trying to spike value.

I need to learn how to be self-aware in the moment with calm, relaxed, slow and methodical speaking.

– Don’t be amazed by her height. I’m sure many guys are.

What I Did Right:

– Approached boldly. No hesitation. Didn’t care how tall she was. Hell, that accompanied by her looks emboldened me.

– Was able to hook for the first minute or two… before she began to get overwhelmed by how high-energy I was.

Comments: I need to learn how to be self-aware in the moment with calm, relaxed, slow and methodical speaking.

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