08/16/20 – Starting to Learn Blueprints…

On 08/16/20, I ventured off to the Woodfield Mall in Chicago alone to adjust to operating as a solo PUA once again. Chris and I have become too reliant on each other; consequently, our game suffers when we break off to different neighborhoods in Chicago.

However, while on the road, I listened to a Natural Lifestyles podcast which explained what ‘direct game’ truly is. Yeah, saying “I thought you were cute” is fine if you’re starting off – but let’s dig deeper.

What vibe should I give out if I met a cute girl sporting glasses, kinda geeky, and looks inherently introverted? “Excuse me, I’m sorry, but I thought you looked adorable, and I had to say hi,” but in a genuine, low-energy, kind of shy way.

The above applies to Eastern European immigrants as well.

Now, let’s give another example:

What vibe/open should I give out if I met a stereotypical hot American girl sporting jorts, wavy blonde hair, and sunglasses? “Excuse me, I’m sorry, you have the cutest fucking look and I had to say hi,” genuine, yet flirty, fun, higher-energy, and confident.

By utilizing James Marshall’s lesson on true direct game, every set I opened in Woodfield Mall was receptive and open. Buuuuuut…

Another flaw reared it’s ugly head: I half-stepped everything. Do you know when you’re attracted to a girl, but you’re unsure if she’s your type so you play it safe? That’s what happened.

Consequently, the girls intuitively knew I wasn’t fully aware in set and every interaction lasted a minute or two at most.

It makes sense. Would YOU want to be second best in a relationship?

I believe my half-stepping stems from the fact I view each and every girl I approach as a long-term mate. It’s my unfounded fear of knocking up a rotation or falling for a girl that isn’t “my type”. While my ultimate goal in game is having deep and meaningful relationships, I do want to casually date for a few years.

Anyway, due to this, only two sets are worth noting:

Approach #1: The Latina Tattoo Artist

Synopsis: When I first arrived at Woodfield Mall, I ran into an incredibly cute Latina. Heavily tattooed, tiny overalls, red highlights in her hair, loved rap and reggaeton. She was receptive, despite the fact I’m an Asian dude sporting business casuals without a single tattoo on my body.

Buuuuut… I started asking myself, “Damn, yeah, she’s cute. But I don’t know if she’s my type. I mean, aren’t a shitload of tattoos a red flag?” Despite the fact I was 10-15 minutes into the set lol… and I want to casually date.

Initial 10-15 minutes was good, but after that, started half-stepping the set due to internalized questions that made me doubt the quality of the girl. 

Sticking Point:

– Why did I half-step? If you think about it, I approached her with the intent of gaming her to my best ability. I was good for 10-15 minutes. After getting in my head, the set turned to shit as I began half-assing or utilizing bad game techniques I knew wouldn’t work (ie. “You seem pretty cool and I’d hate to miss not seeing you again… what’s your number?“); needy shit.

What I Did Right:

– I’m able to fairly accurately read vibes / blueprints of girls. For example, I saw she had a party girl vibe, but she looked tired and blank. So I opened with, “Excuse me, I’m sorry but I thought you had the most adorable fucking look and I had to say hi.” Confident, calm, slow speaking, and good body language.

It worked like a charm.

– I’m starting to get comfortable operating as a solo PUA instead of relying on Chris to voice my inner thoughts and winging.

Comments: Remember, I plan to casually date. It’s fine if I get a Latina or Black side chick. No harm, no foul. Just buy lots o’ Plan B.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx40h8tix1I


Approach #2: The Goth Girl

Synopsis: An hour or so after hitting up the Latina, I met this cute 19 y/o goth girl at the mall. She was objectively cute, I’d guess a soft HB 7, but her outfit threw me off: Black astronaut boots, an oversized sweater which went to her knees, etc.

Yeah, I planned to game her like any other girl, but then I started asking myself, “Would I really want to be seen with her? Is she really my type? Goth girls are feminine, sure, but they’re also strange. Hell, look at her outfit!” And that’s when I half-stepping the shit outta that set.

Needless to say, she caught on pretty damn fast. Set lasted exactly two minutes.

Sticking Point: Same as the Latina, but half-assed right off the open. As time went on, I became more and more hesitant. Got more in my head. Fucked up receptive sets that could’ve led somewhere. Began playing not to lose instead of playing to win.

This set in particular I was hesitant af.

What I Did Right: Once again, I read her vibe / blueprint correctly. Goths are generally internally negative, but outwardly positive in my experience. Possibly shy, outcasts, but pretty. With that in mind, I opened with, “Excuse me, I am sorry, that look looks absolutely adorable on you… and totally like out there. It’s unique, I love it.” She responses with a bright, “Thank you!”

My vibe was slightly shy, but genuinely intrigued by her look. I didn’t throw a high-energy, confident vibe like I did with the Latina tattoo artist.

Other than that, my opener was fine, but adding the “… and totally like out there. It’s unique, I love it,” is a bit try-hard. I should have just said, “… and I had to say hi.”

Comments: Hesitation leads to no dates, no numbers, nothing. If I’m not going to do my best in set, why approach?

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNXaHzltqTU

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