08/25/20 – Getting My Skill Back!

Colleges are back open, baby!

On Tuesday, 08/25/20, I ventured off to Carroll University and was pleasantly surprised: Female students littered campus grounds. It was fuckin’ awesome. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the return of college campus game and the wait is finally over!

I managed to secure three sets, however, only two are worth writing about:

Approach #1: The Environmentalist

Synopsis: She was technically my second approach after half-assing my first set at Carroll. My target was thick, writing a book report on Christianity, and a strong environmentalist. I’d personally rate her a soft HB 6. I did an observational opener (“Excuse me, you look very relaxed right now”), before running game.

At the end, I got her number, but it was a flake.

Sticking Point:

– Didn’t establish enough premise. Lots of cold reads and game-y techniques, but didn’t state what the conversation was about. I don’t recall any Man-to-Woman premise statements that could have turned the conversation from, “Oh hey random, fun guy” to “Damn, this boy is cute and flirty!”

– Went too far with the “I’m waiting for a friend” conversation. I believe I talked about my imaginary “friend” so much that she began taking an interest in him and searched him up. That MAY have been the part that fucked me in set.

What I Did Right:

– Spoke in a calm, confident manner. Very proud of myself because of that.

– My verbal game is on the rise again, woo! John Sonmez is right: Your game has it’s high points and it’s low points. I’ll get good… and then regress… but I’ll have a new baseline of success. I can only get better and better after that.

Comments: I believe I’ll start going direct outside campus or if my target is isolated and is my type.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aY_CXEUyJys

Approach #2: The Italian Mechanic Girl (fuuuuuuuck!)

Synopsis: My favorite, final, and most regrettable set of the day. I met my target at Carroll University’s library. She was brunette, tied her hair into two braids, had an adorable babyface, and an innocent demeanor. Our interaction was… well… you’ll see on the “Sticking Point” section. I don’t want to beat myself over this, but god damn, I need to stop pushing my targets away.

Remember what JP said: Tons of pull, one strong push.

Sticking Point:

– Far too much push in set. While I was flirty, I gave the subconscious message of, “You and I aren’t going to get along. Really, we’re not going to get along. You’re too outdoorsy and masculine for me,” instead of playing into her hobby.

If I had to re-do that set again, I’d be closer to, “Oh we’ll totally kill it riding ATVs together” or “I’ll be the cute, yet clueless guy trying to change the tire, while you change an entire transmission in 10 minutes flat.”

– Tried evaluating my target by having her do something for me despite the fact I was giving out negative energy.

What I Did Right:

– My first time going direct during college campus day game. It worked like a charm and didn’t require additional labor to get the girl to like me.

– Was able to hook the set for a little.

Comments: Remember, tons of pull, with one strong push.

Audio recording here (private): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL8iXmd5LeI

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