08/27/20 – Success in Marquette

On 08/27/20, I ventured off to Marquette University after six months of waiting for the next semester to start and the lockdown to end. Needless to say, I’m performing better infield than I did prior to the lockdown. I nearly had an instadate and I secured a semi-solid phone number.

I believe the secret is going direct on college girls. They’re more receptive to Man-to-Woman interactions since they’re not ruined by hordes of thirsty dudes in bars/clubs.

I managed to secure five approaches, but only two are worth writing about; namely, the semi-solid phone number and near instadate:

Approach #1: The PA Student

Synopsis: After entering Marquette’s Student Union facility, I walked downstairs and saw this hard HB 7 sporting blonde hair, green eyes, and writing an A&P report. She was incredibly friendly, receptive, flirty, but a bit too extroverted for me. I joked with my wing that she’s the type of girl who’d cheat on you after two years of dating.

My game was pretty fuckin’ on-point. I established premise, read the girl’s blueprint correctly, spoke slowly, and had witty banter that lead to a solid phone number… at first. After a few texts, I’m not getting any further responses.

Sticking Points:

– My target was the definition of true neutral. She wasn’t attracted or unattracted to me at first. I had to game her in order to get a solid phone number. Perhaps, I shall spend less time on them and move onto more receptive girls.

– Possibly implement more premise?

What I Did Right:

– Read the girl’s blueprint accurately. My set was a party girl going into the Physician’s Assistance program. Consequently, I ran calm, cool guy game.

– I was on Adderall (without food) all day when I gamed this set. I was incredibly single-minded in my endeavors. Quite possibly, I’ll utilize this drug on game weekdays.

– My instadate close was unique and in accordance with the girl’s blueprint. “I know this is going to sound sporadic and totally spontaneous! But… I know there’s a coffee shop nearby and you NEED a break.” Didn’t work since she was busy, but damn, I bet if I used this again on college girls I’ll be dating in no time.

Comments: Adderall is king. College day game is king.

Audio recording here (private): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RoPnqIA42w

Approach #2: Claire, the One that Got Away

Synopsis: My greatest success, yet my greatest failure of the day. It’s the yin-and-yang of my game session. At the tail end of Marquette University day game, I ran into this 4 foot something college girl sporting brunette hair, small tits, small ass, and a strong babyface.

She was surprisingly warm, yet simultaneously neutral toward my advances. My target – named Claire – took a few minutes to warm up. Given her introverted nature, I figured speaking slowly, discussing nerdy topics (ie. Star Wars, fictional novels, etc) would open her up.

It did.

I made a mental checklist to travel from location-to-location to establish what Todd V calls “narrative”, or your story with the girl. We met on the streets -> walked to the college garden -> Offered to instadate her at a local Boba Tea.

She accepted without hesitation. As we walked and talked, I felt our energy grow in depth, as I began knowing her as a person. I could feel the set getting warmer, stronger, before… I fucked it up.

I hate saying this, but I possess strong beta tendencies. I get attached to a specific target if she fits my criteria. She knocked off most of my checklist.

I don’t know why, but I started getting too attached. I offered to walk her home, gave her a “cutesy” nickname of “Claire Bear”, and said I’d love seeing her again.

It reeked of beta weakness and neediness.

I felt she noticed my sudden change in demeanor and her attraction plummeted; with the crescendo occurring right after we discovered Boba Tea was closed.

Claire said she had to return home… and I offered to walk with her. I was persistent, which is good, but too persistent? Nah, that’s what killed the interaction. I wasn’t persistent – I was needy. She could feel the vibe.

At the end, I got her number… but it was a flake.

Sticking Points:

Remember: Game your type like you would any ‘ol girl down the street. She’s not special, don’t you DARE think you can drop the “cool guy” act. It’s why she’s attracted in the first place.

– If she states she has to go, don’t offer to walk her home. Take her number and buzz off.

– Do better research on the locale. Find out what shops are open and closed. Take advantage of that.

– If you feel your attraction is higher than the girl’s, step back. Take a breath. Remember this can EASILY go down a dark road that leads nowhere. Play it cool, don’t display your true emotions.

What I Did Right:

– Read Claire’s vibe and blueprint correctly. It’s what got her to open up in the first place.

– My target was willing to go on an instadate! Our interaction was good since I (mostly) played cool guy game early-mid set.

– Storytelling! I was pretty detailed and specific with my storytelling that got Claire hooked during the middle of our interaction.

– The set was mostly good, particularly during the beginning and middle. It’s at the end when things started going sideways. Don’t recall only the bad, but the good as well. Keeps you motivated. Makes you remember you’re growing as an aspiring pickup artist and things can only get better.

This is a journey, not a race.

Comments: Remember, all girls are the same. Don’t treat any one of them differently. Even if you think they’re “special”.

Audio recording here (private): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmKPOhyfCVY

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