08/30/20 – Missed Opportunity

On Sunday, 08/30/20, Chris and I ventured off to Chicago for another day game session. I’d say this is the most bittersweet game I’ve had in a while – if ever. I secured a solid phone number, yet I missed out on instadating an incredibly sweet and friendly German visitor.

John Sonmez was right. My game lull was temporary and I feel far more invigorated to game than I ever have.

Let’s get to the approaches.

Approach #1: The German Flight Attendant

Synopsis: When Chris and I walked along Michigan Avenue, a cute German national sporting a brown trenchcoat, elegant clothing, along with blonde hair and blue eyes passed me. As always, I opened directly and was pleasantly surprise at how receptive she was. Our conversation lasted approximately two minutes, give or take, but…

She offered me to walk with her to TJ Max.

… And I said no.

As a flight attendant, I figured it wouldn’t be a big loss since she was leaving Chicago tomorrow. Looking back though, I realized I could have easily capitalized on my opportunity and gone for a same day lay.

I mean, she was practically throwing the opportunity in my face!

I reeeeeally hated myself afterward.

I don’t want to beat myself up too much, but she was incredibly cute, yet sophisticated. I felt I spat on her face when I said ‘no’. This set served as a powerful learning lesson to NEVER miss out on opportunities.

Stay. In. Set.

At all costs.

Sticking Point:

– Rejected her advances to walk with her to TJ Max. Felt like a major idiot. Never again. Remember: Stay in set. You can always capitalize later on in the interaction.

What I Did Right:

– Didn’t hesitate on the approach.

– Capitalized on her receptivity.

– Read her blueprint well and accordingly vibed with her personality.

Comments: Even if I think the set is a no-go (ie. She’s leaving tomorrow, she has a boyfriend, etc)… just stay in set anyway.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tx8YxekPOA

Approach #2: The Hipster Poncho Girl (how is she solid? I don’t know.)

Synopsis: At the middle of our day game session, Chris and I decided to get buzzed (as is our tradition) at a local Asian bar. After getting sufficiently intoxicated, I took an elevator down to ground level to smoke a cigarette. As I turn to my right, I see this cute girl sporting a large black poncho, brunette hair, and Romanian-esque features.

I opened with a direct friendly compliment, before we began chatting. In all honesty, I thought the set suuuuuucked. I spoke too fast, mostly had platonic conversation, etc.

I managed to snag her number, and…

Somehow we’re texting back and forth. She texts back fast, too. Like, once every two minutes.

The game, man. Shit’s weird… a satisfying weird!

Sticking Point:

– Spoke too fast

– Platonic conversation

What I Did Right:

– Very genuine direct friendly opener. It’s probably why she stuck around and texting me back every other minute.


– I will say one thing though: While my target is texting me back, she’s very neutral. Need to up my text game.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArGf4lGEcTE

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