09/03/20 – Success in UWM and the Importance of Mindset (Essential reading)

On 09/03/20, I ventured off to UWM at it’s second day opening. Needless to say, and surprisingly enough, Marquette University is poppin’ far more than UWM. I saw quite a few students wandering around campus, but it’s a far cry compared to UWM’s populace pre-lockdown. It’s a blessing and a curse since I’m able to sparingly approach sets, but when I do… no one is eavesdropping.

However, I learned an essential day game lesson when it comes to approaching. Girls are able to intrinsically sense when you’re nervous, or not all there, when you approach them. It’s an energy that radiates from any pickup artist – whether he’s a complete newbie or been gaming for years.

Let’s get to the approaches. I’ll explain why.

Approach #1: The Tie Dye Latina

Synopsis: I ran into my first set at the entrance of UWM’s main campus, sporting a tie dye shirt, scrolling through her phone. She was 18-20, Latina, cute, but unfortunately wore a mask. When I opened, I was able to hook my target within seconds by approaching with a clear mindset, confidence, and a deep, rapport breaking voice. Unfortunately, it was too short so I wasn’t able to make the most out of it.

Sticking Point:

– While my open was good… it wasn’t optimal. I initially screwed up by stuttering and trying to follow an “opening script” (ie. “Excuse me, I’m sorry but you looked incredibly cute and I had to say hi”), but I tried too hard. Therefore, I had to reopen AGAIN and it came out great.

– Didn’t do many observations, perhaps a few cold reads, but that’s it.

What I Did Right:

– My (second) opening was spot-on.

– Gamed the Latina according to her blueprint. Came off a little strong, but toned it down to establish comfort.

– Tried instadating a few minutes after the initial approach. Most importantly, after establishing some trust and comfort.

– My mindset, above all else, was spot-on. I walked toward her with an air of confidence, a clear mind, and the fact I wanted to meet this girl and make her day. Didn’t have any anxiety – well, perhaps a slight amount, but nothing noticeable.

Comments: Remember, mindset is key.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNdYgcZ40IY

Approach #2: The Random Girl on a Bench

Synopsis: After walking around for 20 minutes, I got in my head. Not due to AA, but rather, being bored. It’s tedious searching for one-sets in a sea of girls who’re at least coupled together. Not to mention the Coronavirus really dampened college admissions.

Anyway, I saw a girl sporting a fit body, dark brown hair, and olive tan skin chilling on a bench near the Arts facility. As I approached her, I was still “in my head”, so to speak, and my open came off half assed. I mean, she thanked me and was flattered, but I immediately got the “I have a boyfriend” excuse.

It was short. Lasted 30 seconds or so.

Sticking Point:

– How did I fix this? I searched deep as to why I performed poorly on my second set. After realizing how shaky and cautious I sounded on the open, I immediately realized it was because I wasn’t aware. Yeah, I knew she was cute, isolated and I wanted to talk to her…

… But as James Marshall states, if you’re not present in the interaction the girl simply isn’t interested. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

What I Did Right:

– Did the open… that’s it for this one.

Comments: Be aware. Be present. If you’re still “in your head” when you spot a set, meditate briefly and focus your energies in the moment.

Approach #3: The Clandestine Lesbian

Synopsis: A few minutes after my second set, I realized I wasn’t aware in the interaction which killed it so quickly.

I meditated – cleared my mind of all intrusive or “bored” thoughts – for a moment, allowing myself to fixate on THE GAME and my overall objective.

At the end, I met this cute, baby-faced, but incredibly ADHD white girl who just turned 18. She was highly receptive… but definitely a chick you wouldn’t want to put your dick in. My target had extended mental issues beyond her ADD. You could tell. She seemed spazzy af.

While our interaction lasted 20-30 minutes and she agreed to an instadate, I could tell she was getting bored during the end-tail of our set. Therefore, I just checked out with a phone number.

She sent me a text a few minutes later, stating I was cool and nice… but she had a girlfriend lol and couldn’t wait to tell her about me.

I laughed it off and said I was happy I made her day.

Sticking Point:

– This is a weird one. My target was the definition of bipolar. She’d laugh hysterically when I said she was cute or did something “adorable”. Other than that, she was mostly neutral or her mind wandered off elsewhere.

Maybe find other receptive targets instead of wasting so much time on crazy girls?

What I Did Right:

– Was able to switch game mode “on” after meditation. It showed when I opened my target.

– Gamed well. Played to win, not to “not lose”.

Comments: Avoid crazy bitches.

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