09/09/20 – How to Get Out of Your Head

The man himself

This report will be short, sweet, and incredibly educational.

So, I’ll be honest: I’ve been getting in my head during my day game cold approach sessions. It’s primarily due to the fact I have to go through 15-20 minutes without spotting a viable target in a sea of college students. Once I find a target, I have to ensure they’re either a 1-set (aka isolated) without anyone else around.

This is easier in college campuses, yes, especially inside study centers where the girl is bored out of her mind studying.

… But lots of times I see targets strolling around outside. Or worse yet, I see a perfect opportunity, but somehow, I’m not “in state” and my set goes to shit.

How can I rectify that?

I went day gaming at Marquette University today and I discovered that if I “Sasha Daygame” a target from far away, I fare better; especially if I’m in my head.

Girls are far more open, friendly, and receptive.

Henceforth, I’ll retain two essential notes when it comes to game:

  1. If possible – particularly if I’m in my head – Sasha my target by running toward her and open with, “Excuse me, I’ve never burned so many calories just to talk to a girl before.”
  2. Do #1 first, the endorphins in my head releases before opening an indoor set. I’m much more energetic, charismatic, and confident when I open an indoor set after I Sasha the first one.

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