09/10/20 – Don’t Kino In Set

This report will be short, sweet, and incredibly important.

Let’s make something clear: Kino is an essential aspect of game. Unfortunately, if I’m sloppy or my timing is waaaay off, my set will go from 100 to 0 in the blink of an eye. It’s painful watching a girl you’ve hooked immediately display disinterest so fuckin’ fast.

Henceforth, I’ve established a rule for myself:

  1. I will not kino my target at the initial approach during day game; unless it’s incredibly basic and non-invasive. For example, if I feel the urge to physically escalate, I’ll ONLY have the girl feel my hands and/or vice versa.
  2. See #1 above, I will not kino my target on an instadate. Be cool, flirty, and fun – escalation occurs during the first date.

With Rule #1 and #2 established, let’s get to the approach:

Approach #1: The Environmental Engineer (mostly good set)

Synopsis: After a few minutes at Marquette University, I ran into this adorable, dirty brunette girl sporting a pink face mask named Sam. She was incredibly sweet, receptive and passionate about environmental science. I must have performed damn well in set, because she agreed to go with me to a bar despite the fact she was going home for the day.

Set lasted a little over 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, while I performed admirably 15 minutes into the interaction, my game plummeted due to a number of factors detailed in the Sticking Point section.

At the end, I managed to snag her number, but it’s flaky.

Sticking Point:

Uncalibrated Kino: Yeah, she was into me; but I fucked up by hugging her far too soon. It’s needy, unwarranted so early in the interaction, and as stated above in my Kino Rules, didn’t do “baby steps” by touching her hand, tapping her shoulder, etc.

From Yes Ladder to Boring Guy: When I first met Sam, she was enthralled by my charisma, the fact I was so curious about her life and my “cool guy” game. At the latter end of our interaction – and I must be brutally honest – I was slightly nervous this instadate was going so fucking well.

It sorta helped I was on Adderall; but I started getting cottonmouth, my verbal game became “playing not to lose”, and overall, I slowly but surely became boring as we walked toward the bar.

The “Negative Ladder”: As a crescendo of my game session with Sam, she was a strong believer of the lockdown and the COVID-19 threat. I stated I’m a “bit of a troublemaker” and played into her honest concerns. Overall, it made me looked like an asshole and shot a bullet into whatever life was left in our interaction.

What I Did Right:

Fun, Cool Guy Frame: At the initial interaction, I opened Sam with a confident, fun vibe. Most of our interaction was amazing; she was engaged, I played to her blueprint; insomuch, while I offered to take her to Starbucks, she suggested we get a beer instead. That was fuckin’ awesome.

Successful Implementation of the Yes Ladder: During the middle of our interaction, I successfully utilized the so-called “Yes Ladder” on Sam which further amplified my “cool guy” factor. I simply called back old conversation topics we discussed and had her agree to shit she’d obviously say yes to before instadating her.

Comments: No Kino (unless it’s simple hand touching) until the first date.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAWHouri6nc

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