09/13/20 – First Instadate in Chicago

On Sunday, 09/13/20, I ventured off solo to Chicago, but decided to keep to the side streets instead of Michigan Avenue itself. In my experience, your game skyrockets due to the sheer lack of people around and consequently, girls tend to be more receptive.

Insomuch, I managed to snag my first ever instadate in Chicago.

So far, all of my instadates originated in college campus game. It’s uplifting to see I’m hooking sets off the streets.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Approach #1: The Graphic Designer

Synopsis: A mile or so away from Michigan Avenue, I ran into this blonde, thin hard HB 6 who decided to go out for a walk. Initially, I thought she was hotter, but her mask/sunglasses combo fucked up that notion. She was cute, yes, but nothing spectacular.

At first, she was neutral, but as I kept persisting, she kept opening herself up to me. Eventually, we walked down the river and I pulled her into a nearby bar (which I thought was a coffee shop lol)

Unfortunately, my target told me she had a boyfriend! I still snagged the number and while I haven’t texted her yet, will plan to today to examine how solid it is.

Sticking Point:

Need more Man-to-Woman Conversation: Yes, I was Man-to-Woman at random intervals in the interaction, but not as much as I’d like. My set was mostly platonic, with bits of premise and evaluation sprinkled inbetween. Remember what JP said? If it fits the girl’s vibe, be inherently sexual.

What I Did Right:

Qualifications: While I wasn’t Man-to-Woman enough, I did qualify the shit out of my target. I intentionally found conversation bits she’d easily say yes to. It didn’t matter what it was; as long as she said ‘yes’. I strongly believe it’s what allowed me to snag the instadate + number.

Comments: If it fits the girl’s blueprint, exude sexuality in your set.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW9ntEcq9fQ

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