09/23/20 – Sexual Energy

On 09/23/20, I ventured off to Carroll University and a college campus suggested to me by Chris called Waukesha County Technical College.

Overall, I love the campus, but the staff can be a pain in the ass; hell, I got kicked out of a campus simply due to sitting next to a girl (fucking covid)!

To be fair, I received a warning from the security guard, but I ignored it since the sexual tension building between my target and I was simply too good. In a matter of fact, rejecting the “powers that be” increased my value and consequently, my set’s attraction toward me.

… And the good girls I encountered there made it all worth it. 😉

I’ll be sure to re-visit again soon.

All in all, I learned two highly-valuable lessons I’ll need to ask JP:

  1. I felt sexual tension and energy build up between the two of us. Why? Since I didn’t spot a bench adjacent to her, I popped myself in right next to my set. It’s a psychological tactic which worked like a fuckin’ charm.

    However, despite this, I should have Yes Ladder’d her, followed by asking, “So you’re a cool girl, I’m a cool guy, I bet there’s a coffee shop ’round here. Let’s go.”

    Question to ask JP: When I feel sexual tension in a set, how should I kino/escalate?
  2. When my target is naive and “innocent”, calm down with the qualifications. While I established comfort, perhaps build up value and instadate her after a high note.

Let’s get to the approach, shall we?

Approach #1: The Barely 18 Naive Girl

Synopsis: After exploring WCTC for a bit, I ran across this cute, isolated white girl watching YouTube videos. I knew she wasn’t doing anything, so I figured she was the best approach out of the two girls at the college cafeteria.

I opened directly and like most girls, was initially neutral. However, I must have ran my game goooood, because she started qualifying herself to me, talked crap about her boyfriend who she’d been dating for four months, and for the first time in a set, I felt sexual tension build up between the two of us.

Her eyes. God damn, her eyes. She gave me bedroom eyes while we spoke.

… And then right when I was about to go for an instadate, some black security guard pops up, asks for my name, and escorts me out of the campus for that day.

Fuckin’ bullshit.

To be fair, he did warn me… but ignoring his commands made me appear even more alpha toward my target.

Sticking Points:

Late Escalation: Looking back, I knew after the guard popped up, I should have closed quickly by Yes Laddering her -> Instadate. I didn’t do that. I was waaaay too drawn in by the budding sexual tension. That, and the Adderall I was on gave me slight anxiety.

Too Many Disqualifiers: I knew I had to practice disqualifying girls as per JP’s orders, but I did it too much. After a while she kept saying, “Yeah, sorry, I don’t know… the longer you know me, the more naive you’ll see I am.” That was a sign of submission. She was basically telling me to tone it down and keep displaying value/comfort instead.

What I Did Right:

Strong Open: As Julien Blanc states, it isn’t enough to recite an opener (ie. “Excuse me, I thought you were cute and I had to say hi”), but rather say it with emotion. I did that with flying colors, which was amazing.

Alpha Frame: As a shit test, my target stated she had a boyfriend. I wasn’t phased and responded with, “Damn, he must be a cool person. I’d fuck him too,” and “Damn, looks like Adam has competition.” She giggled and we chatted a bit more. After a while, she started talking shit about her boyfriend, and how they’ve been only dating for four months.

She’s “not sure about him yet”, was the biggest indicator to keep escalating, keep displaying higher value.

Comments: I’m so close to victory, I can fuckin’ taste it.

Audio recording here (private): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP859YTgpCw

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