My Game Plan on Qualifications (aka Investment)

After speaking with JP, it’s clear to him I’m too high value for a few of my targets, but I don’t “cash out” on the value I currently possess. So, what happens? The girl slowly, but surely loses interest in me. Therefore, I’m plotting out a game plan on utilizing and mastering qualifications.

My primary instructor in this course in qualifying a girl will be Chase Amante. As is, I use the “Yes Ladder” so girls comply with a major request (ie. going out on an instadate, asking for a number, etc).

… But I need more techniques.

I’m currently reading How to Make Girls Chase by Chase Amante. The chapter Investment will be used to guide my future actions on making girls invest. Consequently, while I’ve got premise down, successfully utilizing compliance/investment from a girl will turn flaky numbers and dates solid.

Types of Compliance:

Compliance Testing

I currently use this one relatively often, more specifically, “Are you heading this way? [head cock] Let’s go,” or “Interesting bracelet. Let me see your hand.” While I need to come up with more compliance tests (ie. “[opens door] After you,” or “[points at chair] Have a seat.”), I’m doing fairly well when I spot an opportunity.

As time progresses, I’ll discover further methods to utilize compliance testing.

Yes Ladder

My absolute favorite to use, especially when I’m about to ask or request something (ie. instadate or phone number). I utilize this qualifier the most because it’s easy to implement and stacking Yes Ladders are relatively simple.

My objective with Yes Ladders is asking questions where it’s easy to say ‘yes’ to with the possibly of saying ‘no’ virtually impossible.

Scheduling for A Future Meet-Up

This compliance technique is the newest of the bunch. It’s only useable at the end of the interaction so your set complies by:

a.) Going over her weekly schedule to find when she’s free
b.) Mentally promises to meet-up later on that week.

Even if she doesn’t show, it’s a strong technique to make a girl invest heavily into meeting up with you in the very near future.


Have implemented a fair amount. Only works if you’re deep into the set. For example, “I know a few IT professionals, they’re nerdy and boring. I hope you’re a fun person.”

So far, I’ve had a few qualify to me and while I have a baseline qualification from the girl. I believe it’s time I move on to stronger forms of escalating the set which I’ll be writing in a new post.

It involves… physical escalation.

Stay tuned!

Note: I just watched a video by Todd V entitled “My Complete Model of Game”, and he states, and I quote:

“If you try to connect with a girl before establishing the right frame, you’re going to look needy. If I’m trying to be like, ‘So, what’s cool about you? What do we have in common?‘ before they’re chasing you in some regard or before they’ve put you in the position of high-value guy, you’re going to look needy and try hard.

The best way to start building a connection is when the girl decides she wants to connect with you.”

-Todd V on establishing high value + premise before evaluation.

What does that mean? It means I need to establish my standard high value frame + premise before I evaluate girls. Keep on doing what I do, just sprinkle in some evaluation.

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