09/28/20 – Implementing Compliance

On 09/28/20, Monday, I ventured off to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to practice implementing qualifications – specifically, compliance demands, as coined by Chase Amante. My objective was to get the girl to invest in me by obeying my commands once I established enough value.

Overall, I’d state I was successful implementing the initial, beginner version of qualifications. I’ll go into further depth within the report, but I’m glad to be making progress.

Approach #1: The Country Girl

Synopsis: After stepping into UWM’s Union building, I found an isolated, 18 year old blonde typing away at a report. As usual, I opened directly and she was warm/friendly. While I’m rusty as hell implementing compliance from a girl, I was able to do it a few times in the interaction; namely, “Girl, you need a break. I think you should shut the laptop.”

Yes, I pussy-footed around instead of directly telling her, but at least she complied.

I did a few ‘minor’ compliance demands, nothing worth discussing, but I’m getting adjusted relatively quickly.

Sticking Point:

Not Sexual Enough: My target stayed in set, but I could have sexualized the interaction or established more premise.

Need More Teasing: Unfortunately, I was mostly platonic in set. Yeah, I said a few teasing/polarizing things, but not nearly as much as I should. I believe this stemmed from the fact my girl was mostly neutral throughout the interaction and therefore, it was tough establishing premise for me.

Pussyfooting: While I managed to have my target comply with my commands, it was incredibly pussyfooted. For example, I’d say, “You know, you need a break. Like, you look tired. Maybe you should… you know… close the laptop.” Weak… but I’m going to give myself props for doing it.

What I Did Right:

Implementing Compliance Testing: It’s true my compliance testing wasn’t firm or strong, but at least I did it. In a matter of fact, I did it enough times to count. I’m moving forward and I’m proud of that.

Comments: I’m going to continue practicing compliance while simultaneously sexualizing the interaction a bit more.

Audio recording here (private): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX_0bXdKD-Q

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