10/05/20 – Keep Moving, Conserve Energy

On Monday, 10/05/20, I sarged through University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and managed to do three sets. By ‘three sets‘ I mean three solid sets. I spent approximately 5-20 minutes in each set which is far better than mindlessly getting my ‘4’ in without learning anything.

Today’s lesson focuses on speed: When I spend 10-20 minutes on a girl, remember I’m burning through social energy.

My first set lasted 5 minutes give or take. Not bad.

However, my second set lasted approximately 20 minutes and I was exhausted. Worse yet, she wasn’t even that hot! Needless to say, I’m plotting out a simple, easy to use waypoint to conserve energy for far more receptive targets:

Open -> Find target’s schedule (or what she’s doing) -> Gauge her interest level -> depending on overall receptivity, decide to number close or go for an instadate.

Easy as that.

Let’s go through the sets, shall we?

Approach #1: The Slightly Overweight Gym Girl

Synopsis: When I first entered UWM, I found a semi-cute girl walking around the campus park. At first, I thought she was really cute from a distance… but man, was I wrong. Don’t get me wrong, she was acceptable. But nothing out of the ordinary.

Anyway, she was receptive on the initial approach, but I spent 20 minutes gaming her; despite the fact she wasn’t that hot! Consequently, I burned out of social energy.

At first, she was receptive, but I could tell she was getting bored. So I let her go soon after.

At night, when I spoke to Bobman regarding this on Discord, he stated he never really got flaky numbers. Wtf, how? He stated he only interacts with a girl for 1-2 minutes IF they’re busy before leaving.

This gave me an idea which I listed above.

However, to reiterate: Open -> Find target’s schedule (or what she’s doing) -> Gauge her interest level -> depending on overall receptivity, decide to number close or go for an instadate.

Sticking Points:

Stayed Too Long in Set: Yep, I spent 20 minutes on a girl who wasn’t that hot and I saw her interest fade as the minutes passed by. Thanks to that learning lesson, however, I realize I need to spend less time on semi-interested sets. As Bobman puts in, “Become the movie trailer, be mysterious. Don’t be the movie itself.”

What I Did Right:

Very Man-to-Woman: During the set, I was able to establish an effective Man-to-Woman interaction. She knew why I was there and loved it.

Semi-Effective Compliance Testing: I knew my mission was to learn and utilize compliance testing to get a girl invested into me. I did that relatively well, except when I asked her to remove her mask so I can check out her septum piercing. Most other requests, however, were happily met.

Comments: Don’t stay in set if they’re on a schedule.

Approach #2: The Musician

Synopsis: At the end of the day, I met this uniquely cute, pale, and well-dressed musician who played in a rock band. She had an interesting gold necklace, which I opened her on. She was highly receptive, friendly, but… fuckin’ A, I was socially exhausted.

I wasted all my social energy on my first set, which I terribly regret. Therefore, our interaction lasted for 2-3 minutes before she left to see her band.

Sticking Points:

Socially Exhausted: Pretty much what it says on the tin. Due to wasting my time on the first set, I was socially exhausted and didn’t feel like gaming my target to her fullest potential.

What I Did Right:

N/A. Set was too short.

Comments: Remember, keep moving. Conserve your energy.

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